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"Justice/Doom War, Part 2": The Hall of Justice

Quote1 It looks like it's time for what I think has to be the first Justice League/Justice Society Team-up! Quote2

Justice League (Volume 4) #31 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of November, 2019. It was published on September 4, 2019.

Synopsis for "Justice/Doom War, Part 2"

The Hall of Justice

The two portals for the past and the future were destroyed, and the plan to fight Luthor and Perpetua is in danger. Hawkgirl is convinced they should find Luthor, utilizing Shayne's connection with the cells of J'onn to locate him, and then go for the heart and kill him. Starman and Mera oppose this course of action, and so Hawkgirl leaves enraged. Mera tells William she knows how she feels: she lost an important person because of Luthor, but getting driven by revenge means siding with Doom. She must understand this.

Shayne talks with Kendra, and convinces her that revenge is the wrong course of action. So, Hawkgirl accepts to go with Starman and Mera inside a ship created by the World Forger and the Monitor: they will travel to the borders of the universe, where the Source Wall stood, hoping to find the Anti-Monitor there. As Shayne monitors Lex's position, he finds out that Luthor is reaching the Anti-Monitor as well, probably to try and bring him under his wing. As encouragement, Mera transmits a message to all heroes on Earth thanks to Jarro, while Starman tries to reach the Leaguers fighting in the past and future to find the fragments of the Totality.

Meanwhile, at the borders of the Universe, the Anti-Monitor asks his loyal warrior if he now understands the scale of the war unleashed on Earth. He answers he does, and now he's even more ready to fight for the Anti-Monitor. He can count on Aquaman.

The Future. Washington D.C., now Tiger City

Kamandi tells the Leaguers that they are in Tiger City, and that he is the last human on Earth. After the first disaster, which was Luthor's victory, humanity changed and was defeated. Then, Brainiac decided to attack the world once again, sending robots to find something still on the planet. Probably the same fragment of the Totality that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman came here to find. Kamandi brings them to the Hall of Justice, a place "cursed" and forbidden in this future. There, Batman explains he found out this future, and many others, were bottled by Brainiac to become part of his collection.

Brainiac is exploring all of them, one by one, to find the piece of the Totality the League wants. But it's clearly not in this future. Being in the Hall of Justice, Batman finds one of the ships they used to protect Superman and the Manhunter from inside their bodies in the first mission to retrieve the Totality. He thinks he can use it, and the studies of Ray Palmer he read, to navigate outside this bottled future and reach another one, to continue searching. As he does it, the message of Starman functions as a guideline to catapult themselves in the right future. A future governed by Brainiac, and guarded by the Justice Legion-A.

The Past, 1941. New York City. The JSA Headquarters

Barry and John just met their counterpart team of the 40s: the Justice Society of America. But their predecessors are a little bit unsure about them truly being heroes from the future, so they ask Doctor Fate. The sorcerer confirms it: they are not lying. Then, Barry presents himself as Flash and John as Green Lantern, and this shocks them. The Flash and Green Lantern are right there, members of the JSA. How could they be the Flash and Green Lantern as well? Also, it's strange that they do not know nothing about a superhero team from 80 years before their time. Why they never heard about the Justice Society of America?

But still, the points in common are a lot, and it seems these two heroes are fighting on the same side as the JSA, so why not work together? They learn about what Barry and John are searching, and inside the JSA there is also a past version of Starman, who also has a Cosmic Rod and also knows about the Totality. He reveals them that the Rod is not in his possession: it's in a base of the United States Army, for experiments to see if its power could be used inside the World War spreading in Europe.

Reaching the base, Barry and John find out a terrible truth: it's Pearl Harbor, on December 7th, 1941. The Legion of Doom is about to unleash bombs on the base, resulting in one of the worst tragedies in american history books.

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