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"Justice/Doom War, Part 3": Inside a bottled future controlled by Brainiac

Quote1.png Doom has all but won. But there's still a chance to turn the tide. And to do that, the Justice League needs its Aquaman! Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #32 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of November, 2019. It was published on September 18, 2019.

Synopsis for "Justice/Doom War, Part 3"

Inside a bottled future controlled by Brainiac

The team of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, together with Kamandi, are inside a future collected by Brainiac, who accessed to a technology able to bottle Hypertime, all thanks to Perpetua. In this future, there's a piece of the Totality the League must retrieve to defeat the evil goddess and Lex, but the problem is that here all the world is already in control of Brainiac, including the Justice League, now called Justice Legion. While the two teams prepare to fight, Wonder Woman starts thinking about one thing: how could heroes so advanced and powerful be defenseless against Brainiac's mind control?

Then, she clearly sees the weak point exploited by Brainiac: an android inside the Justice Legion's formation. Brainiac hacked him and used him to control the others as well. Diana uses her Lasso of Truth, wrapping it around the android and making him realize he is controlled. In fact, the android is Hourman and his task is to protect Hypertime, which now is in shambles. As Hourman wakes up from Brainiac's control, the Legion does as well, and they all feel the connection with the original League members standing alongside them.

The Legion's version of Starman then tells them he hid his Cosmic Rod, containing the piece of Totality they want, inside Hourman, merging it with the android's matrix. As the Legion gives the Rod to the League, Brainiac comes with a tremendous counter-attack: he absorbed tech from dozens of different alternate futures, and he transformed into the all-powerful Brainiac One Million. Diana gives the Rod to Kamandi, telling him to get away knowing he's holding the only hope humankind has to survive, and then prepares the League and the Legion, united, for battle.

The Past. Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.

The Legion of Doom is attacking Pearl Harbor, with Gorilla Grodd utilizing the Still Force to make the soldiers unable to move. The team of Jay Garrick and Barry Allen is helping them escape before it's too late. Also, John Stewart and Alan Scott are trying to stop Sinestro, who is leading the attack by air. Soon though, all four heroes must concentrate on the piece of Totality they must retrieve, as Doctor Fate and Starman located its position: it is inside the Hail Mary, a cargo in the Pearl Harbor waters. As they reach it, the Legion does as well, and they bring a far bigger power with them. With the Totality in the Legion's hands, an unexpected ally rises from the seas: Aquaman, back to rescue his friends, and to tell them their plan will lead to nothing. But there's still hope, if the League will follow Aquaman.

The Present. At the Borders of the Universe

Even with some difficulties, given they had to defeat the Thanagarian Army and they had to convince the Legion of Doom in pursuing their mission in both past and future, Lex and Perpetua reached the borders of the Universe. Perpetua is ready to make the Anti-Monitor one of her soldiers: how pride she was when she saw him blowing up the Multiverse with the first crisis. Lex and Perpetua descend their ship, and approach Mobius, with the goddess making her plea. But she's going to be surprised: the Anti-Monitor is siding with Justice. In that moment, Starman's team together with the World Forger and Monitor appear, side by side with the Anti-Monitor, to clash with Lex and the terrible Perpetua.

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