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"Justice/Doom War, Part 4": The Present. At the borders of the Universe

Quote1.png Fistfights in Atlantis. Alien bombings in Hawaii...Is everyday in the future like this? Quote2.png
The Flash (Jay Garrick)

Justice League (Volume 4) #33 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2019. It was published on October 2, 2019.

Synopsis for "Justice/Doom War, Part 4"

The Present. At the borders of the Universe

While Shayne tries to contact his father through his cells now living in Lex, the three brothers, Mar Novu, Alpheus and Mobius merge together, thanks to the Totality's power residing in Starman, into the Ultra-Monitor, a creature as powerful as Perpetua but sided with Justice. As the Ultra-Monitor fights Perpetua, Hawkgirl unleashes her fury against Lex, with Starman telling her to restrain her power.

In fact, the plan is to wait for the two League teams from the past and future to retrieve the two pieces of the Totality left in the timestream: with those, they will make the Ultra-Monitor stable, and with the power of Kendra's wings, which are a residue of the power of the Cosmic Raptor, the creature sent by the Judges of the Source to first punish Perpetua, maybe there is a chance to defeat Doom. But as the two teams struggle to complete their missions, Kendra is losing her temper as Luthor re-evokes in her memories of the death of J'onn. She is wasting her precious power away.

The Past. Underwater, en route to Atlantis

Aquaman came back from the dead: he tells Flash that he thought it was his end when he faced the Death Kraken, but the Anti-Monitor came and saved him. He told him that he knew about a piece of the Totality residing in the past, and that both the League and the Legion will try to reach it. He told then Aquaman that the piece would never reach its destination if not for the Conch of Arion, in that era, the 1940s, still in Atlantis. Of course, the League does not know this, and so they are destined to failed.

He sent Aquaman to do this: bring the team to Atlantis and launch the Totality with the Conch, so that it might reach the place where it needs to be to fight off Perpetua. Thing is, in the 40s Atlantis is hidden and fears the surface, so access won't be easy. As Alan and John confront themselves on the meaning of being a hero, with Scott delivering to John a great lesson, they reach Atlantis, and surrender, making a plea to meet the king. As they reach the palace, the Legion of Doom appears, with a secret weapon: a chained Poseidon, who must follow the orders of Cheetah. Also, they make another bad discovery: Atlantis is under the rule of Vandal Savage and his Legionnaire's Club.

One of the futures bottled by Brainiac

Even if Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were able to free the Justice Legion from the control of Brainiac, the evil alien absorbed several pieces of tech from dozens of different futures, becoming a gigantic creature going by the name Brainiac One Million. The three heroes, even together with the Justice Legion, are unable to defeat him. Kamandi, tasked by Diana to bring the Totality away, thinks he learned a great lesson: he thought the great disaster taught him you must fight for yourself, and by yourself alone. But he was wrong: to defend what you love, you must fight together. The more, the better. That's why he took the ship and travelled to another future, recruiting the Justice League Unlimited for the fight against Brainiac.

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  • Brainiac Drones
  • God-Killer Snares
  • Kryptonite Lightforms


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