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"Justice/Doom War, Part 6": Inside a Multiverse ruled by Doom

Quote1.png Guys, if he's right, you know what that means, don't you? It means that everything in our Starman's vision is coming true! Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #35 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of January, 2020. It was published on November 6, 2019.

Synopsis for "Justice/Doom War, Part 6"

Inside a Multiverse ruled by Doom

The Justice League is back on Earth, in the Hall of Justice, together with the Justice Society of America and Kamandi: the plan failed, and this era's Starman, William Payton, died in battle. Superman still hopes there is a way to defeat Perpetua, but he's only one of the few convinced there's still something they can do. Batman suggests to regroup all together, to find the right course of action, and wants to recall Hawkgirl and Shayne from deep space, to report on what happened during the battle.

Meanwhile, Perpetua is travelling dimensions, finding all the universes who still refused to completely side with Doom. She reaches Earth 19, and destroys it with all the universe surrounding it with her power. And she plans to do this with all the universes who still refuse Doom, and cling to Justice. Lex will be her general, while the Anti-Monitor, reborn under her command, will be the new Forger at the Center of the Multiverse, creating universes born with Doom in their heart.

Hawkgirl and Shayne are inside the Javelin, still in deep space after the battle. Kendra is injured, but not in danger of losing her life. She's just traumatized and deeply shaken by guilt, as she is convinced her mistake in pursuing revenge against Luthor condemned the only chance Justice had to triumph. Shayne tries to make her feel better, telling her he knows she was guided by love for him and for J'onn. Soon, Batman contacts them, telling them to use a transport mechanism to reach Earth and reunite with everyone. But then, Lex and Perpetua feel them, and strike them before they could even try getting back. They are lost in space, with nothing around them.

And so, Lex and Perpetua make a decision: the next move is destroying the Justice League of the Prime Universe, an enemy to never underestimate. Perpetua agrees: she will give Lex all the power he needs to kill every League member, one after the other...

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