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"Justice/Doom War, Part 7": Earth-0, Washington D.C., the Hall of Justice

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Justice League (Volume 4) #36 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of January, 2020. It was published on November 20, 2019.

Synopsis for "Justice/Doom War, Part 7"

Earth-0, Washington D.C., the Hall of Justice

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman stand together, hoping to find a way to speak to all the other Leaguers. They are in the worst situation ever faced by any incarnation of the League, but they must find a way to kick back. Batman knows that's his role, to find ways to win, but he cannot come up with anything. That's when Diana steps in: maybe they should not find a way to win. Maybe the answer is another one.

So, the three heroes step out and address the others: they made a big mistake in this conflict. They faced Lex like he was the man they already met in the past. A selfish man, a man believing just in himself. But now he was a man of faith, a force so strong that changed the way he fought, making him the deadliest version of Luthor ever. And so the lesson could be this, says Diana: they should put all their effort in belief, and faith, too. Faith in the fact there is still goodness in people, in living beings all around the Multiverse. And that if they fight with all their power against an unbeatable enemy, maybe they'll shake that goodness out, to counter Doom.

The Godhead, Perpetua's headquarters

The Legion of Doom is back from different locations through time: they won, and now it's time to become demigods, working for Doom side by side with their goddess, Perpetua. And so Perpetua rewards them: Brainiac collapses, and transforms. He is to become Perpetua's throne, a great honor. And the rest of the Legion will become batteries for Lex, so that he might harness all the seven forces together and become the unstoppable right hand of Perpetua. Lex is a bit shocked by this: Perpetua, in fact, was betraying the faith of all the members of the Legion outside of Lex. A voice inside him, the one of J'onn J'onzz, speaks to him, telling him to react, that this is not right. But then he feels all that power flowing inside him, and forgets any doubt or regret: Perpetua wanted him to receive all the rewards, because he was the chosen one. And now, he will lead an army against the Hall of Justice, to exterminate the Justice League.

Meanwhile, still in deep space, Hawkgirl and Shayne are attacked by the Anti-Monitor.

Back to the Hall of Justice

The plan is this: they will fight, even if they know they will lose. They will show everyone their emotions, and their weakness, to bring Justice back in the hearts of people. They need a strong telepathic force to transmit those feelings across the Multiverse: for sure Miss Martian and Jarro can help, but the key is Shayne, because inside him he has the power of the Sixth Dimension. John Stewart, inside one of Flash's cars, is sent to the rescue, with the order of bringing back both Hawkgirl and Shayne.

Meanwhile, Luthor attacks and the Leaguers answer, with Batman shooting fire with fire: he transforms the whole Hall of Justice into a war tank, ready for a duel against Luthor's own tank. The conflict has begun...

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