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"Justice/Doom War, Part 8": In front of the Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.

Quote1.png Luthor! What have you let happen there? The energy in that area...it tilts away from DOOM! Quote2.png
Perpetua (Sixth Dimension)

Justice League (Volume 4) #37 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of February, 2020. It was published on December 4, 2019.

Synopsis for "Justice/Doom War, Part 8"

In front of the Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.

The conflict between the forces of Perpetua, led by Lex Luthor, and the biggest Justice League ever is on. While the heroes fight together for survival, the seven Leaguers harnessing the Seven Forces of the Universe are trying to create a Justice Totality, to rival Doom and deliver a message of hope and goodness to all creatures around the Multiverse. But there is a missing component: they need Hawkgirl for the power hidden in her wings, and Shayne for his connection with the Sixth Dimension. But they are still lost in space...

At the borders of the Universe

Kendra and her son, Shayne, are under the attack of the Anti-Monitor, now a loyal servant of Perpetua. Thankfully, John Stewart comes to the rescue, transporting there with one of Flash's cars. The impact of the car travelling in space at full speed makes the World Forger and the Monitor split again from their brother, and now Mobius finds himself in danger. He screams, calling for the help of his mother.

Perpetua was on Earth 44, one Earth centering a universe which refused to align with Doom, clinging with Justice. Hearing the scream of her favorite son, Perpetua takes the whole planet, and hurls it at full speed towards the place where the Anti-Monitor, and all the others, stand. They will all die. But Alpheus, the World Forger, decides to sacrifice himself: he will die, and probably will not be reborn given his mother now has full powers, but he will give Kendra and Shayne the chance to get to the Hall of Justice to participate in the last conflict of the Multiverse. Summoning his hammer, the forger bats at the planet coming at them, dying in the process but opening a portal for everyone to use.

Back inside the Hall

As Lex is overwhelming Batman, with his tank destroying the transformed Hall of Justice, Perpetua feels Doom fading away in the area surrounding the battle: the League was able to summon the Justice Totality, thanks to Kendra and Shayne who came back after Alpheus sacrificed. And now, the Leaguers who harness the seven forces are powered up by Justice itself, and they have a chance at fighting back...

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