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"Legion of Doom, Part 1": From Arkham Asylum to the deserts of Kahndaq, reaching through time and space, even in the depths of Hell, shivers travel down the spine of the cruelest beings the Multiverse has to offer. Something is changing for real, this time. The whole reality is e

Quote1.png A legion of horror had built itself in his mind as he reached for the doorknob on the table in that strange Kansas basement. Each participant best suited for one of the seven forces described in these papers. A legion that represented the true face of the universe-- with all its selfish, vindictive pride. A legion that did not stand for the people as they should be, but as they were, and would always be. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #5 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2018. It was published on August 1, 2018.

Synopsis for "Legion of Doom, Part 1"

From Arkham Asylum to the deserts of Kahndaq, reaching through time and space, even in the depths of Hell, shivers travel down the spine of the cruelest beings the Multiverse has to offer. Something is changing for real, this time. The whole reality is entering a new era, following a new direction. And everything because of one man who, right in this moment, is inches away from unlocking the Totality and reach towards Doom.

After the rupture of the Source Wall. The edge of the Multiverse

As Sinestro watches Soranik order all the Sinestro Corps to ally themselves with the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe, to help a Multiverse on the brink of extinction, a projection of Lex Luthor appears, facing the former leader of the Yellow Lanterns. He tells him he's not sure anymore about the fact he truly knows Thaal Sinestro: he was a man of fear, a ruthless conqueror who created its own power to shake the universe. And now what? He surrenders to an alliance with his greatest enemy? What if Lex could bring him back to his true self? What if he can give him what he wants? Lex tells him he just found out the whole truth about the entire Multiverse history, and he wants to share. As Lex also mentions the Invisible Spectrum, finally Sinestro is ready to listen...

On Earth. The United Nations General Assembly. New York City

As Gorilla Grodd just took control of all the diplomats in the world, Lex approaches him, telling him he knows what Grodd is doing. He's just putting up another useless show of force for the Flash, but Lex knows it will come to nothing. Grodd does not like the fact that a mere human like Luthor has the audacity to address him like that, but soon the gorilla has to change his ideas. Especially when Lex tells him he can give him the keys to stop the Speed Force right now.

The Hall of Doom. Then.

As he assembled his Legion, Lex explains to his comrades his discovery, and his plan. After being a hero, siding himself with the Justice League against the Omega Titans, Lex learned a terrible truth: humanity's primal energy was Entropy, meaning all his time as a good guy, trying to change the world, was absolutely meaningless. Humans were just destined to disappear into nothingness. This made him mad with rage and doubt, so he took his own Mother Box and, from it, developed a time machine able to bring him one million years in the future, so that he might discover if Entropy truly won its battle on humanity. What he found out was eye-opening.

Finding himself in Lexor City, a place dedicated to Luthor himself, he experiences a vision of a society free of all kinds of restrictions. Every single human being there was himself, without restraint. True, total and pure anarchy. And why was that? Because someone discovered the past work of Lex and, from it, found a truth that changed the whole Multiverse, giving humanity the key to live free forever. Lex is awed but also disturbed: if someone else deducted this truth from his work, how could he have missed it? The people there cannot tell him nothing more that one thing: they show him a symbol, revealing also its meaning. The word Doom.

Getting back from his time travelling, Lex started looking for a detail he might have missed which led him to not uncover this fantastic truth. He quickly understood that the only thing out of the ordinary for him was an invitation to his father's legionnaires club in Kansas. Lex Luthor would never go there, but after finding out what happens in the future, he knows he must or he could risk committing the same mistake again. And there, he found a door with a doorknob engraved with that same symbol of Doom they showed him in the future. He knew then that he did the right thing this time: Doom, and its consequences, were going to come in his time.

Inside that club, he found out his father had far darker secrets then Lex could ever imagine. A detailed explanation of how to obtain Seven Forces, all able to unlock the potential of humanity and bring the Multiverse towards Doom. And as he studied those forces, he also studied who would be adapt to harness them in all their power. First, he would unlock the Invisible Spectrum, to bring the true, deep, dark emotions of all living beings on the surface. With it, he would bring war to Justice thanks to the Ultraviolet Corps. And he already recruited the perfect leader for them.

Then, he would find the descendant of Turtle, and with him he would unlock the secrets of the Still Force. Thanks to this force, the Speed Force and the tendency of humanity, and reality, of moving forward would stop. But who had the power, and the motifs, to control the mind of a baby and take that power for himself? Lex knew it: a creature that hated the Speed Force more than anyone. And for the other forces, he found already the right people as well. The rest of the legion: Manta, Cheetah and the Joker.

The Present. Inside the Totality

With the Invisible Spectrum unlocked, Sinestro brought Umbrax to Earth and evoked all the members of the Ultraviolet Corps, preparing a full assault on the Hall of Justice. With the Still Force harnessed thanks to mind control, Grodd defeated the Flash and destroyed the final membrane separating the Multiverse with what lies outside the Source Wall. And now Lex, holding the doorknob, is ready to open the secret door that will bring Doom to Earth and the Multiverse.

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