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"Doom Metal, Part One": The Metalverse, Arkham Wastelands, Slaughter Swamp

Quote1.png They were... the greatest heroes in the world. Heroes who could do the impossible. But more than that... they were a team. Quote2.png
Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

Justice League (Volume 4) #53 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of November, 2020. It was published on September 15, 2020.

Synopsis for "Doom Metal, Part One"

The Metalverse, Arkham Wastelands, Slaughter Swamp

Nightwing rescues Detective Chimp from a squadron of Creepers and Grundies, together with Hawkgirl. They are part of the team sent by Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman to find the throne of Perpetua, and dismantle it. They need the Chimp for his acumen and his detective skills, as they are going to follow the biggest case of missing persons ever. The Chimp agrees to the plan, and decides to follow them: Bobo leads them to the Hall of Justice, where another man on the tracks of the Legion of Doom, and Perpetua's throne, stands.

When Luthor is revealed to be the one tracking the throne, Kendra goes on a frenzy, but Dick is able to calm her down. Luthor reveals them that he knows all of this is his fault, that the world is now a living nightmare because of his quest, of his thirst for power. But they also must understand that he studied all the shadows of his world, to be able to redeem himself, starting with saving the comrades he betrayed, the Legion of Doom. Luthor reveals them that the throne changes its location continuously, to make it untraceable, but he managed to know that right now it is inside Brimstone Bay, nearby Themyscira.

He also knows what guards the throne: the Omega Knight, a Frankenstein monster made of pieces of the Omega Titans that Perpetua got from the Dark Multiverse. And to make things even worse, also one of the Batman who Laughs' dark Batmen oversees the place: the Mindhunter. And to put the cherry on top, the Martian Manhunter is there right now, fighting both guardians while trying to reach the throne.

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