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"Doom Metal, Part Two": The Arkham Wastelands, nearby Washington D.C.

Quote1.png So much about lives has changed since we saw each other last. After my own time in the Ghost Sector...I was hoping to come home and find family..and I'm glad I did, Richard. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #54 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2020. It was published on October 6, 2020.

Synopsis for "Doom Metal, Part Two"

The Arkham Wastelands, nearby Washington D.C.

Kori and Vic find themselves in the Arkham Wastelands, after failing to teleport inside the Hall of Justice with a boom tube opened by Cyborg. They are welcomed by several of Doctor Arkham's mutants, which of course want to kill them. Unexpectedly, Nightwing, Hawkgirl and Detective Chimp spot them, helping them to neutralize the mutants non-lethally and explaining them what those creatures are in reality. Then, both Vic and Kori spot Lex Luthor with them, and Starfire asks Nightwing why she should not blow a hole in the head of Luthor right in that moment.

Luthor tries to defend himself: it was him who received the boom tube signal of Cyborg, and who brought here the help to save them. Still, Starfire's opinion made Nightwing take a decision. They will not bring Luthor with them in the battle for the throne of Perpetua, even if Lex sustains he's the only one who could bring them to victory in Brimstone Bay.

Brimstone Bay, current location of the Throne of Perpetua

While Nightwing and his team are still travelling, another hero of the League reached the Bay: the Martian Manhunter, still feeling guilty about his role in the plans of Lex Luthor and in allowing the Totality to reach Earth, decided to try to win the Throne by himself. He came face to face with the Mindhunter, a Dark Knight that stole DNA from his own world Martian Manhunter, and used it to modify himself, gaining all the powers of the Martian species. In fact, right now, Mindhunter is probing J'onn's mind, trying to force him to unlock for him the link he has with the League. If the Dark Knight reaches it, he will be able to see what Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman have in mind as counter against Perpetua, and so he will be able to stop them.

The Valley of Starros

As they get near Brimstone Bay, the League must still go through the Valley of Starros, filled with many clones of the infamous conqueror. Hawkgirl misses Jarro. While they walk through the Valley, Vic talks about his adventures with Starfire and their team, and asks Bobo to share something about his own battle alongside the Justice League Dark, but the Detective prefers to stay silent. Meanwhile, Kori learns of KGBeast shooting Richard in the head, and her first reaction is to find the man and kill him. Nightwing calms her down, and then they talk about their past on the Titans. Nightwing then starts hearing a voice in his mind, and starts seeing Starfire as she once was. Dick asks to the others if he's the only one hearing a voice, and then collapses...

He wakes up, in the Batcave. Alfred welcomes him: KGBeast tried to kill him, but the bullet dodged his head and just provoked a shock. Bruce is taking Knyazev in jail right now. Dick hugs Alfred, and then also sees Barbara. He's confused, and soon realizes that this is not the real world, but an hallucination of some kind. And all the team is inside a different hallucination: everyone is tricked by a friend, or an enemy, of the past, into some kind of reconciliation. The Starros tricked them all...until Lex comes to save the day, getting Dick back to reality. He told them they needed him: he knew a way that would have avoided them the need to pass through the Valley, but now they are here, and must find a way out.

But Starro is a conqueror, and knows how to defend himself: as all the others are still in Starro's control, he uses the dreams to make Hawkgirl, Kori, Cyborg and Bobo fight against both Nightwing and Lex.

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  • In Dick Grayson’s hallucination, he is seen wearing different outfits from throughout his history, backwards from his DC Rebirth outfit to his Robin outfit.
    • The same also is shown with Barbara Gordon.
  • The variant cover is a homage to JLA #1

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