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"Doom Metal, Part Three": The Valley of Starros. The Meltalverse, Earth-0.

Quote1.png I've seen too many killed, imprisoned, or hurt. I'm done making friends. And look at us. So desperate that we play team-up with Lex Luthor to save The Legion of Doom? What kind of heroes are we? Too stupid too see that our old lives are gone. The odds are stacked against us and we're not coming back from this one. We're done. Quote2.png
Detective Chimp

Justice League (Volume 4) #55 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2020. It was published on October 20, 2020.

Synopsis for "Doom Metal, Part Three"

The Valley of Starros. The Meltalverse, Earth-0.

Lex Luthor just saved Nightwing's team again, from a series of dream inducted by the Starros living inside the valley. After making Cyborg, Kori and Hawkgirl come out of the illusions, they escape because a giant Starro just woke up. They have to take Bobo with them, still under the influence of Starro's telepathic control, and Nightwing wakes him up, as the Chimp was surrendering himself to the pleasure of living in an illusion. After this, Nightwing tells them they have no choice: the knowledge of Lex is something vital for the success of their already almost impossible mission. Sailing with Lex's ship, Lana, they head to Brimstone Bay.

The teams tries to reason with Bobo, still in despair because he wanted to remain trapped inside Starro's illusion: he does not want to make any more friends, as all the friends he had died. He lives in a nightmare already, so why not change it with another where at least someone he cared for still lived? As Vic tries to convince him they are the Justice League, Bobo answers him directly, telling them they are not any kind of Justice League, but more probably some kind of Suicide Squad. And Kori then intervenes, telling all that if they have to face death, they will. Luthor informs them he has a plan, and that Brimstone Bay is a point of no return: once they engage the Mindhunter, is victory or death.

But Kendra, feeling J'onn is suffering, decides to ignore the instructions of Luthor, who wanted them to sneak inside because of the Omega Knight. She does not know that the Martian Manhunter she's feeling in her mind is not the one she thinks: the Mindhunter was able to probe from J'onn's mind the link he had with Kendra, and with it he attracted Hawkgirl there, using her to lure out her team. And now, with the Omega Knight spotting them, there will be no escape: they are doomed!

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  • Earth
    • Arkham Wastelands
      • Valley of Starro
    • Brimstone Bay
  • Oblivion Bar (As an illusion only)



  • Lana (a ship)


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