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"Doom Metal, Part Four": Brimstone Bay, current location of the Throne of Perpetua. The Metalverse, Earth-0

Quote1.png I thought I was working with the Justice League. If I had known it was the Teen Titans I would have come alone. Quote2.png
Lex Luthor

Justice League (Volume 4) #56 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of January, 2021. It was published on November 3, 2020.

Synopsis for "Doom Metal, Part Four"

Brimstone Bay, current location of the Throne of Perpetua. The Metalverse, Earth-0

While Nightwing and his team try to scramble away from the Omega Knight's lethal attacks, the Mindhunter captured Hawkgirl, and wants to probe from her a connection to the League, so that he may find out about what plans Wonder Woman developed for the counterattack against the Darkest Knight. But Hawkgirl knows how to protect her mind from a Martian telepathic attack, because J'onn taught her. As Mindhunter tries to make Hawkgirl go berserk, threatening the life of Martian Manhunter, J'onn heats the Nth Metal composing Kendra's mace, so much it takes fire. Kendra strikes Mindhunter with it, and with fire being the greatest weakness of Martians, he is defeated.

Meanwhile, Bobo discovered that Comet, the metal horse Diana gave to Nightwing as a gift before leaving, is made from the remaining metal of Diana's old invisible jet, and can become invisible even to the eyes of the Omega Knight. Gathering all his comrades, Bobo saves them as they are hidden by the invisible field casted by Comet. J'onn is able to see them thanks to his powers, and reaches them. After Nightwing starts doubting their mission, Kori and Vic intervene, making him once again sure of himself. He then divides the team in two parts: J'onn, Starfire and Vic will function as diversive for the Omega Knight, while Bobo, Hawkgirl and him follow Lex, to free the Legion of Doom from Perpetua's throne.

As they cannot free them without destroying the whole structure, Bobo climbs the Throne and makes the Omega Knight attack it, apparently dying from the blow. Still, he was able to complete the mission: the Legion of Doom is free once again!

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