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"Doom Metal, Finale": Brimstone Bay. The Metalverse. Earth-0

Quote1.png That first time I saw the Justice League, I was just a kid... and so I saw them through my young eyes. They were larger than life. Perfect. Being a part of that meant the world to me. But over the years I saw their struggles. And this new world showed me their greatest failure. At first it scared me. But now it's reminded me of what the Justice League really is. They're a group of people that, no matter the challenge, inspire each other to do better... to be heroes. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #57 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of January, 2021. It was published on November 17, 2020.

Synopsis for "Doom Metal, Finale"

Brimstone Bay. The Metalverse. Earth-0

With Bobo's sacrifice, the "Justice League" led by Nightwing and helped by Lex was able to destroy Perpetua's throne and severely damage the Omega Knight, while also freeing the Legion of Doom. The problem is, the Legion does not know what happened since they were locked up, and they sure as hell do not see a Batman sidekick as an ally. Also, they absolutely want to kill Lex, as after all, he betrayed them all. But with Bobo returning, mounting Comet, and the Omega Knight coming along with them, they have to collaborate.

Nightwing takes on the role of the leader, and orders J'onn to connect all of them with a mind link. He orders Cyborg, Starfire, Hawkgirl and J'onn himself to make the Omega Knight mad with their attacks, so that he won't detect Lex and the Legion going to the ruins of the Throne to use the last energy remaining from the seven negative forces of the universe. Shooting those energy with Sinestro's ring, they are able to destroy the Omega Knight. But as soon as they do it, the Legion turns against Lex once again: Nightwing tries to stop them, but Lex himself is able to do it, once again convincing them to trust him, and join him. After all, he has resources he kept hidden to everyone that they will use to set things right: he will be back as he once was.

Martian Manhunter tries to appeal at Lex's recent experience with Perpetua: he wants him to join the League again, because the Justice League could do wonders with a Lex Luthor on the right side. But Lex rejects the offer, opening a Boom Tube and teleporting himself, Cheetah, Grodd and Sinestro inside the Hall of Justice. As they leave, Nightwing remembers his desire of becoming a part of the Justice League when he was a kid, but also remember, in his adulthood, the fact he realized what the League, after all, was: simply a group of people, with flaws and weaknesses, who united together to inspire and help each other. And so, Richard thinks that with all said and done, they can call themselves Justice League as well.

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