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"The Totality, Part 5": Inside the Totality

Quote1 Ever since I told you about Xanshi, about how I felt...What if...What if these ancient forces being unlocked-- the Still Force, the Invisible Spectrum-- What if we're not supposed to fight them? Quote2
John Stewart

Justice League (Volume 4) #6 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2018. It was published on August 15, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Totality, Part 5"

Inside the Totality

Lex, controlling Superman from his brain, and the Joker, in control of Martian Manhunter, approach the Totality, ready to open its secrets with the doorknob Luthor holds in his hands. But of course, Batman comes back: inside Superman's body, he was eaten by one of Clark's mutated cells, but thanks to a Kryptonite ring he brought there, Bruce was able to free himself up. Now he counterattacks, and tries to steal the doorknob from Lex. As Luthor is struggling, he asks the Joker to help: using J'onn's morphing powers, he creates tentacles from his hands. Then, he puts them up Superman's nose, reaching Batman and cutting him with them. The Dark Knight is in danger, but Hawkgirl, who regained her senses, attacks the Joker and stops him from doing more harm.

Kendra tells Batman that her wings are reacting strangely to the Totality, and Bruce thinks it's because she's inside Martian Manhunter's body. J'onn was addressed as the First Abomination by the Source Wall's guardians, and he's probably the key to understand the Totality. The detective tells Hawkgirl to do anything she can to let J'onn regain control of himself, while he will take the doorknob from Luthor, then free Superman. Batman, once again, feels a little bit of hope: the League might pull this one off. But then, Luthor is able to reach the doorknob before the Bat, and accessing the object's power, he knocks Batman out of Superman's body, transporting him in another place.

The Hall of Justice

Outside the walls of the Hall, the Ultraviolet Corps are bringing a full assault on the League. The power of Umbrax and its Invisible Spectrum is so strong, that John Stewart is barely able to resist it. His guilt towards his actions on Xanshi are a powerful energy that fuels the Ultraviolet Lantern powers, but he must resist, or he will end up a servant of Umbrax and Sinestro like all the others. Soon after, Batman materializes in the Hall, together with both Superman and Martian Manhunter. The Dark Knight is severely injured: both his arms and legs are broken, due to the impact of Lex's shot.

Meanwhile, Flash is inside the Legion of Doom's underwater base, defeated by Grodd and without the Speed Force. Manta and Cheetah are now free to plan how to access two other of the key forces to bring the Multiverse towards Doom. The Tear of Extinction and the key for the Graveyard of Gods: just like Sinestro and Grodd, they will obtain their final revenge on Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Back to the Hall, Stewart is really afraid of what's happening. He prays Cyborg to keep helping him restrained from Sinestro like he's doing now, but Vic tells him he stopped doing it since Sinestro came to Earth. John is resisting thanks to his own will. This revelation makes John think: what if fighting against these forces is wrong? What if they should let them in, and use them as strength to overcome their darkest emotions? But he must find a way to spread his message on the whole planet: that's when Barry steps in. He can take his car.

The League is then ready to counter the action of the Legion: John takes Barry's car and starts spreading his message on the planet, and J'onn does the same, connecting telepathically with everyone and making them see his weakness, and the things he's afraid of. Barry himself understands he has to calm himself, and slow down. Slow down so much, he will harness the Still Force as well, and will revert the process which opened the way for Doom. And as they all act together, the Joker, who was laughing himself off due to the Legion's definitive joke, has to stop. He's angered because his opponents made a joke even better than his. They had the last laugh, the final punch line. Earth itself, reacting against Doom, just became a White Lantern.

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