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"The Totality, Conclusion": Inside the Totality

Quote1 My name is... Starman... I come from the past. I have all the answers you seek! But to learn them... three of you must die! Quote2

Justice League (Volume 4) #7 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of November, 2018. It was published on September 5, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Totality, Conclusion"

Inside the Totality

Kendra, having found out her wings react to the Totality, now knows that her whole history and identity must be connected to a grand scheme behind things, and she's curious about it. The first thing she decided to do was to get in Lex's face, and knock him down for good before he takes the Totality for himself and the Legion. Lex does not understand: he feels the Totality calling to him, something alive inside it that wants him to reach its power. But why is Kendra involved in all of this? What is her role? Even Lex himself, who thought he knew everything about the history of the Multiverse, does not have an answer.

Meanwhile, the Justice League counter is in danger of being useless: Sinestro stopped John, and the Manhunter will not be able to remain connected for long. Umbrax, sensing that Earth was trying to rebel with the power of the White Lantern, is attacking the planet with a powerful assault, Superman the only defense for humanity. The only way the plan will work is about Flash being successful in harnessing the Still Force, closing then the membrane separating the Multiverse from Umbrax itself. But Barry was made for speed, and becoming perfectly static takes an incredible effort. Thanks to the support of his teammates though, Barry is able to surpass himself and access the Still Force.

Once there, Flash experiences a terrible vision: in it, all appears connected towards an angry, cruel design. Barry Allen is an expert of the Multiverse, and always believed in its inner goodness, but what he's seeing now scares him incredibly, because it clearly hints at the opposite. Diana feels that Flash is afraid and on the verge of surrender, so she convinces him to push on, even if his brain tells him otherwise. With a last, powerful effort, the Flash is able to use the Still Force, closing the Membrane and sending Umbrax away. As the Invisible Spectrum abandons Earth, John Stewart is able to will himself up so much that a Green Lantern Ring appears on his finger. Him and Sinestro start to fight.

Back to the Totality, Kendra was successful in knocking Lex down, taking the object with her. Luthor calls for retreat, as the League seemingly won the battle, but won't win the war. With the enemy retiring, the League now stands assembled in the Hall of Justice, ready to uncover the secrets of the Totality. Kendra is also back, and talks about his awe at the fact that herself and her wings seems to be once again key for a secret about the whole mystery of creation: J'onn, thinking about all this, reached a conclusion. He must return to Thanagar Prime and find the Keep again, as his visions and also what the Flash saw while accessing the Still Force confirm that the old Martian told him lies.

He must understand the role of his race in all this, and also he must understand why Kendra, and the metal in her wings, are involved as well. That's why he wants Kendra and John to follow him there in this mission. Kendra accepts, and John does as well after him and the Manhunter reconcile once and for all, with Stewart forgiven by J'onn and himself about what happened on Xanshi. Before they leave for Thanagar, Superman addresses J'onn, telling him that even after this, their decision about letting the Totality reach Earth would be the same: J'onn is a being of Empathy, just like all humanity, and their decision was the one to make. As the Manhunter expresses his fears about the possibility that the Totality will reveal a cruel and evil nature for all creation, Batman answers him that if it's the truth, they will fight back and justice harder.

In another room, Wonder Woman and Aquaman reason about what they saw in the Legion's underwater base: Atlantean and Amazonian technology, blending together, in a form neither the former King of Atlantis or the Princess of Themyscira ever saw. After what Sinestro and Grodd did, Arthur thinks that Manta and Cheetah might be next, and they will come for them. Diana observes that Arthur is a king who renounced to his crown, and she is an amazon that renounced to her home. They are on the same boat together. As they start talking about a possible counter-plan to Manta and Cheetah, a boom tube opens inside the Hall, something that should be impossibile. From it, a mysterious man emerges: he calls himself Starman, telling the League he brings an explanation about what's happening. But to reveal them his words, three of them must die.

Meanwhile, in the Hall of Doom...

Lex knows. He knows he made a mistake, he took everything for granted. But while reaching for the Totality, he sensed what he did wrong. He needed to demonstrate to whoever was inside that object that he can do worse. That he can bring more cruelty and wildness to the world. And he has the perfect man to do just that: he approaches a cell, and he admits to the prisoner inside that he was right. Lex will need his help after all. And a chilling laugh comes as an answer...

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