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"Legion of Doom, Part 2": Inside the Hall of Justice

Quote1.png You're standing on the edge right now, Lex. You could be the ultimate version of yourself. Let go of what's always held you back. Like I did. The universe isn't destined for you, but you can still take it. Quote2.png
The Batman Who Laughs

Justice League (Volume 4) #8 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of November, 2018. It was published on September 19, 2018.

Synopsis for "Legion of Doom, Part 2"

Inside the Hall of Justice

Martian Manhunter is analyzing the mind of Starman, a mysterious man who appeared inside the Hall of Justice, speaking of revelations and fate. J'onn lets everyone see what happened to this man: his name is William Payton. In the eighties, scientists tried to intercept the energy of the Totality, phasing through time, with a satellite which was too weak to process the data inside that signature. As they tried to analyze the Totality, the satellite imploded and a powerful ray of energy hit Payton on Earth, making him gain the powers of Starman. Working as a hero, he was followed by those scientists, whose boss was Lionel Luthor, for information.

He would never guess that another Luthor, Lex, was going to time travel to his era only to kidnap him. Lex took him, tortured him to gain all the information about the Totality he could from him, and then, seemingly, deleted all the information from his mind so that he could not reveal anything to someone else. And now, someway, he escaped and decided to teleport himself here, in the Hall. After this debriefing on Starman's status and intentions, J'onn and Batman discuss the situation about the Totality, and the clear advantage in terms of knowledge that Lex has.

Inside the Hall of Doom

Grodd, Sinestro and the Joker stand, while Lex approaches the cage holding the prisoner. All of them to not feel any sympathy with the man Lex holds in his grasp. The Joker clearly does not like him, especially that version of him. After all, he is a Batman, and a Batman stays caged only when he wants to. Luthor enters the cage, and the Batman who Laughs welcomes him wholeheartedly. Clearly, the deranged version of Batman knows more about the Totality then Lex himself, and he wants information. Batman tells Lex that to gain his victory, he must stop to see himself as the center of everything: he must believe in something bigger than himself, committing to a master truly superior to him or anybody else. Luthor shakes off this information as something useless, but then Batman tells him he almost told him her name.

Lex, cleary intrigued and knowing that Batman's information had value, hit a deal with the dangerous Dark Knight: he was going to be free, and he was going to get on with his plans. Batman told Lex their plans might be opposite, and might not work together, but both of them will sign a pact of non-interference. As the deal is set, Batman tells Lex what he needs: her name is Perpetua. She's an echo through the whole Multiverse history, present in every myth of every culture, hidden. She is the one the Source Wall protected the Multiverse from. And she is the one who was calling Lex from the Totality.

Meanwhile, in Newfoundland, Canada

Cheetah and Manta approach a port, discussing about trust in Luthor. Manta, of course, tells Cheetah he does not trust anybody, and if Luthor delivers him the power needed to destroy Atlantis, he will gladly be his ally in the Legion. If not, he will find another path, alone. Barbara agrees with him: she feels the same way. But a piece of her revenge will be executed now: they located the position of the Olympian god Poseidon, and thanks to her claws now bathed in the Tear of Extinction, Cheetah is now able to deliver lethal blows even to divine creatures. And so she does: killing Poseidon, she opens a passage to the Graveyard of the Gods and, thanks to this, her and Manta will be able to free the forces Poseidon imprisoned long ago. To gain what they want, they will drown the Earth.

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