"Good Morning, Moon": Inside the Hall of Justice

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Justice League (Volume 4) #9 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2018. It was published on October 3, 2018.

Synopsis for "Good Morning, Moon"

Inside the Hall of Justice

Batman is in his own personal cave inside the Hall. Every hero in the League has a personal space inside the Hall of Justice. He's recovering from the assault of Lex, which broke both arms and legs of the Dark Knight: thanks to Mr. Terrific's technology and Alfred's expert hands performing surgery, he'll be up in no time. While he's under operation, he talks with Superman, who is assembling the Moon back piece by piece. Batman would like to make some improvements on the Moon, to make it a weapon against evil, but Clark does not agree with that, even if he must face the Coronavores, parasites that eat solar energy.

Always inside the Hall, Flash and John Stewart are having lunch. John reveals to Barry he's afraid: he always followed order and hierarchy, as a soldier and an architect, but now all is in shambles. Barry tells him he understands: what they passed through with the Still Force and the Invisible Spectrum was though. But in times like these, they must look for constants, and to deliver his message, Barry goes to John's hometown of Detroit, bringing him a burger he always ate when he was there. To remind him some things never change.

J'onn and Kendra are training against each other, but Hawkgirl has a mean streak going. She's angered, because she thinks the Manhunter is hiding information about her, and that's why he selected her to be his partner in the mission for the retrieval of the Totality. But J'onn swears to her he did not know she was connected with the Totality in any way, and that's why he asked her to come with him on Thanagar, so that they might find answers together. Kendra apologizes, but the pressure coming from not knowing her place in the grand scheme of things, while she always believed to understand her role, makes her angrier than ever.

In another part of the Hall, Arthur is helping Diana with building her place. She's the only one who still hasn't built her own room in the Hall, and Arthur would like to know what it will be. As they discuss about the rooms their teammates set up, Diana understands that Arthur is tense because of Poseidon's recent death, and the moves Manta and Cheetah are making to get their revenge on them. But she assures Arthur they will face what will come together.

In that moment, Batman calls everyone in, as the leader of the Coronavores is about to attack Superman. But then, Clark realized the enemy were an illusion Batman himself created to convince Superman to let him build a powered up Bat-Moon. As Clark finishes to rebuild the Moon and Bruce sends the parasites away, the Dark Knight, the League and all humanity, once again, is able to admire how wonderfully the Moon can shine in the sky.

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