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"Trial by (Flash) Fire": Vibe is patrolling downtown Detroit from the top of the Gimlin building, having forgotten that because he can't fly, he would have to run down twelve flights of stairs if he intended to do anything about any crime he saw, as his brot

Quote1.png I didn't ask for help. And if you want to help people, maybe you shouldn't be working for the bad guys. Quote2.png
Kid Flash

Justice League of America's Vibe #3 is an issue of the series Justice League of America's Vibe (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2013. It was published on April 17, 2013.

Synopsis for "Trial by (Flash) Fire"

Vibe is patrolling downtown Detroit from the top of the Gimlin building, having forgotten that because he can't fly, he would have to run down twelve flights of stairs if he intended to do anything about any crime he saw, as his brother Dante reminds him. Their father has prepared dinner, and Cisco is late. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller is annoyed that Cisco hasn't been keeping his identity secret - even from Dante. She reminds Dale Gunn that this is a matter of interdimensional security.

In the meantime, Waller wants to push forward with Vibe's training, as he is still very important to the Justice League of America. Despite the fact that he has only had two field missions, Waller needs to know that he can do what he is needed to do. He might be the key to helping to prevent the Justice League from deciding that it should rule over the world instead of protecting it.

Meanwhile, Dante warns that he can't cover for Cisco with their father forever, but before Cisco can come home and appease him, he is called away on JLA business. Gunn explains that Vibe is intended to identify and intercept Kid Flash, who has been running a pattern in Manhattan, seeking something in particular. A.R.G.U.S. scientists believe that Kid Flash's speed is summoned from his home dimension, which means they need Vibe's abilities to find the right frequency to counter that speed.

They find him in a subway station, where Vibe discovers that the speedster looks different from the other breachers. Using his abilities, he stops Kid Flash in his tracks, and declares him under arrest. Instead, Kid Flash runs away, and Vibe is forced to track him by his energy trail. Once Vibe is away from his support team, Kid Flash doubles back and demands to know how he affected his speed. Unfortunately, when they make contact, they are caught in a blast of energy. That blast allows Cisco to see into Kid Flash's past, which, he discovers, is his future.

When Kid Flash runs away again, Cisco follows him, and finds him sitting at an indentation in the old subway tunnel's floor with the Flash's lightning bolt symbol decorating it. Kid Flash explains that he had a dream about this place, and that he had been searching for it when they interrupted him. He believes that this is the place where he came to this time. He has no recollection of why he was sent, or who sent him, though.

Cisco suggests that he can help by trying to see into Kid Flash's timeline again, but Waller, who is monitoring their conversation, realizes that if their uncharted powers combine to create a negative feedback loop, they could potentially unravel time. She orders him to pull back, but he wants to try anyway. As he reaches out, Kid Flash warns him not to, but it's too late. The contact between them causes a massive shock to everyone in the vicinity. Fortunately, time remains intact, and Kid Flash angrily warns that he can't risk Vibe knowing any more about him. He points out that Vibe arrived with a team armed to hurt him, and suggests that he stop working with the bad guys if he wants to help people before running off.

Later, at the Circus, the destructive feedback caused by Cisco's touching Kid Flash has the effect that it shuts off the power dampener on Gypsy's cell. Without much effort, she escapes.

At home, Cisco wonders with Dante about why he had been told Kid Flash was a criminal when he seemed to just be a confused kid. Dante responds that Kid Flash may have been right when he said Cisco was working for the bad guys. The Justice League of America's benefactors may not have as pure motives as they seem. Cisco admits that maybe it is time for him to start looking into what his employers really do. Suddenly, a man in an energy suit appears from a portal and warns that Cisco must start asking the right questions, or he will die like the rest.

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