"Breakin'": At home, Dale Gunn complains to his boyfriend Casey that it should have been his call whether Vibe was imprisoned in the Circus. After all, he is the director of the Circus. Even so, that is what [[Amanda Waller (P

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Justice League of America's Vibe #6 is an issue of the series Justice League of America's Vibe (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2013. It was published on July 17, 2013.

Synopsis for "Breakin'"

At home, Dale Gunn complains to his boyfriend Casey that it should have been his call whether Vibe was imprisoned in the Circus. After all, he is the director of the Circus. Even so, that is what Director Waller decided, and Casey warns that Dale must abide by her decision. Both of them had seen what happened when they questioned their superiors at the CIA, and it wouldn't be a good thing for Dale to go through that again. Suddenly, a crash reduces their living-room window to shards, and Dale is surprised to see that Cisco's brother Dante kicked a soccer ball through it. Angrily, the younger man warns that they will help him get his brother back, but first, they have to tell him where Cisco is.

Meanwhile, Waller taunts Gypsy in the Circus, claiming that she deserves to be in her cell after trying to run away. The act of defiance proved every suspicion that Waller had about her. Gypsy responds that Waller is wrong about her, and how important she is. Waller smirks, commenting that maybe she knows more about Gypsy than the girl knows about herself. As she leaves, Waller orders a guard to watch Gypsy for any wrong moves, and to put her on lock-down if they see any - just like they did with Vibe.

Dante managed to find Gunn by using Cisco's JLA ID card to access the JLA's databases for his address. Unfortunately, even though he is sympathetic, Dale doesn't know if he can get Cisco back. Angrily, Dante reminds that it was Gunn's influence that got Cisco to join the JLA in the first place. He had been happy enough to deal with street-level thugs. Besides, Dante had already lost one brother. Feeling guilty, Gunn agrees.

Gunn returns to the Circus with Dante disguised as a breacher, hoping to get past his own men without raising their suspicions. Fortunately, Dale manages to trick their equipment into thinking Dante really is a breacher. After getting past security, Dale has Dante remove his disguise, because if they go any further, the boy will end up in a tube like the others. Looking around, Dante notices all of the other tubes, and how they are labelled with the word "Subject". Gunn explains that his division has been tracking Cisco since he was a kid. He is Subject 2. Subject 1 was actually their older brother, Armando.

Unfortunately, they find Cisco has been put into some kind of suspended animation, having been caught in an escape attempt. What's worse is that Dale's security codes aren't working on the tube's lock - and his attempt to open it has alerted Waller to their actions. Frustrated, Dante uses a high-tech weapon to blast through the glass, just as Waller's men surround them all. Gunn feebly attempts to explain away the situation just as Vibe regains consciousness. Cisco blasts the guards, leaving Gunn little time to save both his and Dante's lives. Surprised to see Dante, Cisco gladly reunites with him, but it is cut short when Dante takes a bullet in the chest, at Waller's command.

The soldiers return, armed heavily, and warn Cisco that any use of his powers will result in swift action. However, Cisco had some time to think while he was in the tube, and he has decided that A.R.G.U.S. are not the good guys they pretend to be. Despite the fact that the Circus' tubes cannot be opened from the inside, Cisco knows that they can be opened from the outside - and that's what he intends to do. Using his vibrational ability, he attempts to find the right frequency to shatter the glass holding all of the Circus' prisoners back.

With Gypsy's help, Cisco uses the distraction to get his wounded brother out of the Circus. Unfortunately, the suspended animation treatment did something to Cisco's powers, and he begins to lose control of them, as realities begin encroaching on each other. The weakening boundaries between realities result in the sudden appearance of another intruder - one from another dimension. After searching for Gypsy for some time, this one whom she calls Rupture intends to kill everyone he finds until they give her to him. Cisco springs forward to protect her, despite her warnings, which causes Rupture to stop in his tracks. He recognizes Cisco. Removing his mask, Cisco discovers that Rupture is his brother Armando.

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