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"We Band of Brothers": Five years ago, Dante Ramon found his younger brother Cisco sitting alone, mourning his brother on the day that they were to attend the viewing for their older brother Armando's

Quote1.png You are protecting my prey, "Vibe"...So you must DIE! Quote2.png
Rupture (Armando Ramon)

Justice League of America's Vibe #7 is an issue of the series Justice League of America's Vibe (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2013.

Synopsis for "We Band of Brothers"

Five years ago, Dante Ramon found his younger brother Cisco sitting alone, mourning his brother on the day that they were to attend the viewing for their older brother Armando's funeral. Angrily, Cisco pointed out that there was nothing to view because Armando disappeared before their eyes. Dante took his brother into his arms and refused to leave without Cisco, who begged to know why Armando would give his life to save him. Sadly, Dante responded that Armando had saved Cisco because he loved his brother - and they will always be brothers.

Now, Cisco has just learned that Armando is alive, and has been for all those five years, travelling between dimensions under the guise of "Rupture". Desperately, Cisco tries to jog Armando's memory of his brothers. Gypsy warns that they must go, because Rupture is the reason she ran to this world. This upsets Cisco, because she had originally told him that she was abandoned here. For a moment, Armando nearly remembers, but he suppresses it, and resumes his role as servant of Mordeth. Unwilling to risk her life further by staying, Gypsy runs, warning Cisco that he should run too, if he values his life. As Rupture attacks the man who is an obstacle to his capturing Gypsy, Cisco unleashes a vibrational blast to counter him, and the results are explosive. Not to mention the fact that his using his powers allows a dragon to breach into this dimension.

Meanwhile, Dale Gunn carries an injured Dante on his shoulders, worrying about the Code Omni that's being announced on the A.R.G.U.S. intercom, and explaining that they will not be able to leave the compound so long as it is in effect. After an attack by a breacher, Dale decides it would be safest to put Dante back into the dog soldier suit that they used to sneak him into the facility, and automate its escape from the Circus and to the hospital.

Rupture systematically hunts Gypsy, musing that it would only be logical that she seek refuge in the one dimension he was blocked out of. However, the dimensional walls have since thinned, and now he has come back to retrieve her. Just as he finds her, though, Vibe returns, and blasts him again, demanding to know just what happened to him five years ago.

Left alone in the Circus, Dale begs for help from anyone who will listen, as the Snake-Lord of Quonos constricts around him. Fortunately, Amanda Waller comes to his rescue, though she is quite angry with him for destroying years of work, all just to release Vibe from the Circus. She warns, though, that they have a bigger issue. Everytime Vibe or Rupture use their powers, it causes a system failure, and they just keep doing it.

As Cisco ushers Gypsy away, he demands the truth from her. She explains reluctantly that years ago, Rupture fell from the skies into her world. He was a being of great power, but badly wounded. Mo-Mordeth placed him in her servitude after restoring him and bending him to her will. With weaponry and a purpose, she set him against Gypsy's people. Rupture interrupts the story, gleefully announcing that he murdered her father with his own hands. Still trying to break through the brainwashing, Cisco begs Armando to remember him and Dante, and it works long enough for Armando to realize to whom he is talking. Cisco explains that he thinks they both got these dimension-bending powers when Darkseid attacked. The moment of recognition is gone, though, when Rupture decides to siphon energy from Vibe in order to get both he and Gypsy back to their dimension.

At the Circus, the former prisoners are reluctant to go back to their cells. Amanda and Dale, meanwhile, are horrified to discover that the dampening fields have all been shut down, and now, Darkseid's daughter has escaped. As the electronics come back online, Dale hopes to recruit Vibe to help him get Darkseid's daughter back - but Vibe is gone. Rupture has taken him to another dimension as well.

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