"In The Trenches": In Piradell, the home dimension of Gypsy and Breacher, Vibe has taken up leadership of a small band of heroes in the hopes of stopping Mordeth. After saving a young brother

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Vibe (Cisco Ramon)

Justice League of America's Vibe #9 is an issue of the series Justice League of America's Vibe (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2014. It was published on November 13, 2013.

Synopsis for "In The Trenches"

In Piradell, the home dimension of Gypsy and Breacher, Vibe has taken up leadership of a small band of heroes in the hopes of stopping Mordeth. After saving a young brother and sister from a pair of Mordeth's Raptors, they demand something in return. It is an item they were tasked with retrieving by Breacher: the last unbroken sphere in Piradell. The sphere is meant to help stabilize Vibe after he was attacked by Rupture. Through the process of installing the sphere hurts, it helps to heal.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, Dale Gunn checks in on Dante Ramon, who is in the hospital after the attack on the Circus. After two weeks, Dale has found no sign of Cisco's whereabouts - and they would be classified if he did know where he was. This aggravates Dante, but Dale explains that even his visits to him in the hospital are a violation of a direct order. He is all that stands between Dante and jail time for his break-in at A.R.G.U.S. Headquarters. Grimly, he warns that Dante will have to be satisfied with what he can do to find Cisco, because he owes him.

Elsewhere, Rupture struggles with the possibility that Vibe is his brother - but those questions are stamped out by Mordeth, who removes the doubts from his mind. Her husband, Breacher, has been building an army to save Piradell from her, and to save their daughter from her efforts to siphon power. Using Gypsy's power, Mordeth intends to open a path to Earth, the cornerstone of the multiverse. She has no concern for the girl's life, however. She was conceived for this purpose.

After hearing the rebels' plan to kill Mordeth and liberate Piradell, Cisco is concerned by the fact that the plan doesn't include rescuing Gypsy and freeing Armando from Mordeth's control. Breacher, though, explains that Armando may not be able to be freed. Cisco insists that Armando is somewhere inside Rupture's mind, but he is suddenly bowled over by the strong sensation that a dimensional shift is occurring. They realize that Mordeth has made her move already, and if they intend to save Gypsy, it will have to be now. However, Rupture appears, intent on preventing that.

Unexpectedly, Breacher grabs Cisco, and before he understands what's going on, they are travelling through the dimensional rift. He explains that only he and Gypsy were able to absorb multiversal energy, and he was the only one who could send her to safety. That is what he had sent her to Earth for - not as a fugitive, but as a refugee. Piradell would soon be destroyed. When Cisco and Armando brought he back, he had to change his plan. Mordeth could not be allowed to take the Earth. Initially, he had planned to make the ultimate sacrifice himself to stop her, but now that Cisco had the regulator in his chest, he would be able to substitute.

Elsewhere, Dante receives a visit from Amanda Waller

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