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The Justice League of America was an A.R.G.U.S.-sponsored counterpart to the Justice League.


These unlikely heroes have been brought together to defend America from superhuman threats of all kinds, but unknown even to them, they are secretly in training to take down the Justice League. These men and women are the world's most dangerous heroes. They are the Justice League of America![1]

The Justice League of America was founded by Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller. Waller's original plan is for each member of the Justice League of America to serve as a counterpart to a member of the main Justice League team and be able to engage them in case they were to go rogue.

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  • Most members of the JLA serves as a foil for the Justice League, Martian Manhunter to Superman, Catwoman to Batman, Katana to Wonder Woman, Vibe to Flash, Hawkman to Aquaman, Stargirl to Cyborg, Dr. Light to Firestorm, Simon Baz to Hal Jordan, Atomica to Element Woman.

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