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The Justice League of America was the foremost superhero team of Earth.


The team suffered the loss of its member Hawkman during a battle against Amazo due to the actions of Green Arrow, who became a paraplegic and quit the team. Black Canary also resigned from the team and formed the Outsiders. The fallout of the Amazo incident painted the Justice League with distrust by a xenophobic public in which it was exacerbated by the former Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, who believed the League and other metahumans are alien invaders conspiring to taking over Earth.

The League soon discovered a plot against them and the metahuman community after Wonder Woman was framed for the destruction of the White House. Their investigation lead to discovering a force field surrounding Earth that prevents anyone from leaving, and metahumans being outright captured and eliminated. Furthermore, Batman fell out of the League when he was traumatized by the deaths of his proteges Robin and Batgirl by the Joker, whom was publicly killed by Batman and further tarnishing the League's reputation. Ultimately, the United States fell into a police state under Lex Luthor and the Justice League were then captured by Luthor's superhuman army known as the Liberators. Only Flash, the Atom, Batman and his ally Catwoman remained.

The remaining Leaguers freed the rest of their team and other metahumans taken prisoner near Smallville, and coming into conflict with the mastermind behind the plot, Jimmy Olsen. Olsen was genetically-altered with Kryptonian DNA by Luthor and as a result was driven insane, believing that human life should be replaced with Kryptonian life, and that his reasons for capturing metahumans was to obtain their DNA in order to convert Earthlings into a Kryptonian society ruled by Olsen. The League were nearly defeated by Olsen until their fight spread to an Amish community where Kal-El, a Kryptonian raised by the Amish intervened. Kal-El fought Olsen and their fight ended when the latter's body became too unstable and disintegrated. After Olsen's plot was exposed, the Justice League regained public confidence with their newest member Kal-El, who became Superman.

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