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"The Unknown Soldier of Victory": The Justice League of America celebrates its 100th meeting with a gala party, and among the guests are Elongated Man, standby JLAer Metamorpho, [[Zatanna Zatara (New

Quote1.png Many of your years ago, a menace similar to the one you now face bestrode your world-- The awesome, giant Earthman-- The Nebula-Man! Many of your people fell before the might of this bizarre conqueror-- Until there was only a handful who dared stand against him! At the top of your world they met, these bold champions and terrible titan-- And the Earth rang with the sounds of their savage battle! ...Until finally, these heroes, too, fell before the colossus! But these valiant warriors were not to be defeated! Again they rose in combat with a new weapon at their command-- With one of them sacrificing his life to use that secret weapon to full effect... Such was the courage of-- The Seven Soldiers of Victory! Quote2.png

Justice League of America #100 is an issue of the series Justice League of America (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1972.

Synopsis for "The Unknown Soldier of Victory"

The Justice League of America celebrates its 100th meeting with a gala party, and among the guests are Elongated Man, standby JLAer Metamorpho, Zatanna, and Diana Prince. No sooner does the affair begin than the heroes and their guests are summoned to Earth-Two to aid the Justice Society of America in overcoming a giant nebulous hand that is about to crush their planet to bits. Combining his magic with that of Zatanna and Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt, Dr. Fate contacts Oracle, a cosmic entity who informs the heroes that only the Seven Soldiers of Victory can overcome the menace that threatens them. He also reveals that the once-famous crimefighting team had been scattered to various eras of Earth's past as a result of their battle with an energy-creature called the Nebula Man. Oracle then transports the heroes in search of the Seven Soldiers in three-man teams. Dr. Fate, the Atom, and Elongated Man find the Crimson Avenger possessed of strange powers in his new role as king of an Aztec tribe. Escaping the natives who battle to defend the former crusader, they restore his memory and return him to the present. Meanwhile, the Iron Hand, a villain once defeated by the Seven Soldiers, proves to be the mastermind behind both the Nebula-Man and the giant hand menace.

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