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"Crisis From Tomorrow": A collection of both Justice League and Justice Society members board the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill and soar off into the time stream. They are in a race against time as many of their respective allies lie dying of a myste

Quote1 Down inside, I know I'm just a circus clown, a guy who lucked into something bigger than he is. But... Isn't that the way it is with everyone? Don't we all find ourselves outclassed sometime? Of course--! And that's the point, that's the whole point of everything that's happened to all of us today! We've been outclassed-- And defeated-- But that doesn't matter! All that ever matters is-- Going on! Quote2
Elongated Man

Justice League of America #160 is an issue of the series Justice League of America (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1978.

Synopsis for "Crisis From Tomorrow"

A collection of both Justice League and Justice Society members board the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill and soar off into the time stream. They are in a race against time as many of their respective allies lie dying of a mysterious illness at Gotham General Hospital.

Meanwhile in the year 3786, the Lord of Time uses his advanced technology to abduct five warriors from Earth's past – the Black Pirate, Enemy Ace, Miss Liberty, Jonah Hex and Miss America. He plans to use them to attack the Eternity Brain – the artificial intelligence that controls his Palace of Eternity. He originally programmed the brain to stop the flow of time, until he discovered that it would halt the flow of time permanently.

The five time-lost warriors attack the palace, but the Eternity Brain defends the fortress's walls by causing dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era to materialize before them. It also teleports evolved Lizard Men to the castle to handle the opponents one on one. Before long these Five Warriors from Forever are captured and imprisoned inside of a dungeon.

Back on Earth, Aquaman keeps a steadfast vigil over his fallen friends at Gotham General Hospital. After speaking with the doctor, he arranges to have high-tech medical analysis machines teleported from the Justice League Satellite to the hospital.

The surviving JLA/JSA members arrive outside the time stream and encounter a large coral barrier preventing them from coming any close to the Lord of Time's palace. The Star-Spangled Kid super-charges Superman's body with solar energy, following which, Wonder Woman hurls him like a human torpedo. Superman manages to pierce the coral barrier, but the impact renders him unconscious.

They proceed forward until the palace is within their sights. The Eternity Brain registers their presence and a battery of lasers shoots forward from the castle walls. Hawkman is the first to fall. The Star-Spangled Kid erects a solar-light shield, but even this cannot keep out all of the lasers. Wonder Woman bursts forward, using her magic bracelets to deflect each blast until she can get to the front of the battlements. Eventually, one lucky shot succeeds in bringing her down.

The Flash manages to finish the journey by using his body as a human drill to burrow inside the castle. Once inside however, dinosaur guardians make quick work of the Scarlet Speedster.

The rest of the heroes encounter a giant six-armed robot, but only the Elongated Man manages to evade its crushing blows. He succeeds in snaking past the robot and shutting down the Eternity Brain. The Five Warriors from Forever are freed from captivity and soon return to their respective timelines. The Lord of Time however, manages to get away.

The Heroes return home to find that the JLA technology from the Satellite has successfully healed all of their friends. Naturally, Elongated Man takes all of the credit for the mission's success.

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