""Crisis on Apokolips", or "Darkseid Rising!"": While Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Oberon, and Izaya battle Darkseid's Parademons, and Superman, [[Diana

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Synopsis for "Crisis on Apokolips", or "Darkseid Rising!"

While Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Oberon, and Izaya battle Darkseid's Parademons, and Superman, Wonder Woman of Earth-Two, and Big Barda help the young freedom fighters liberate the "students" of Granny Goodness, the Batman-Huntress-Mr. Miracle team rescues first the Firestorm-Power Girl-Orion group, and then the Injustice Society, whom Darkseid has imprisoned once he had no further use of them. The heroes and villains together then foment a revolution among the captive New Genesisians, and Firestorm proves the deciding factor in the final battle between Darkseid and Orion, by turning the dark god's "Omega Force" back upon him. It is Metron who truly comes to the rescue, though, by reprogramming the villain's devices so that it is Darkseid, not Earth-Two, which is the target. With the Apokolips leader apparently destroyed, the battle is over, and the JLA and JSA return to their respective worlds.


  • This book was first published on September 11, 1980.
  • Chapter Three of a three-part JLA/JSA crossover.
  • The participation of Superman in this story is valid under the Post-Crisis chronology, even before the changes made during Infinite Crisis that restored his status as a JLA founding member. [1]
  • Action Comics #650 retcons this story in a brief flashback but without participation of the Huntress and Wonder Woman.


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