"Outcasts of Infinity!": While most of the Justice League of America are out on cases, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and

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While most of the Justice League of America are out on cases, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and the Atom meet at JLA headquarters. Just as their meeting is ending, the Flash is suddenly transported to some place else. He soon finds himself before three humanoids, believing them to be attackers the Flash easily defeats them. However he learns that they are not hostile. The beings he has encountered (disguised as humans) are aliens from the planet Sfarl. On their home world they devised a device that allowed them to travel to other worlds and created a pill that would make them appear as though they are members of the dominant race of the planet they are visiting so that they may study them better.

However, their device malfunctioned and the three Sfarlians found themselves transported from world to world, never finding their way home. To their horror they would learn that each planet they'd leave would be destroyed. Not wishing to be the harbinger of destruction to any more worlds, the three Sfarlians have sought out the aid of the Justice League to help find out why these other worlds are being destroyed.

Taking the aliens' pills, they travel to the previous world that they departed from, a world of crystalline aliens. There they find the planet attacked by super machines, which the JLA members eventually destroy. After the battle the three heroes are transported to the planet Kraanal, home of Kraad the Conqueror. Kraad has been manipulating the Sfarlians' plight, in order to advance his quest to conquer the universe, and is the cause of the destruction of each planet the Sfarlians visited.

Before the League can stop him, they are all seemingly destroyed however the Atom (too small to be hit by the weapon) and Green Lantern's power ring survive the onslaught. With the last of his strength, the Atom tries to use the Green Lantern's power ring to restore his friends. He succeeds -- however the process is not perfect and each of the male members find that their lower extremities have been switched. Now with Wonder Woman, a Superman with the legs of Flash, a Flash with the legs of Green Lantern, and a Green Lantern with legs of Superman take the fight directly to Kraad. They easily defeat their foe in spite of their handicap and use a device in Kraad's fortress to restore themselves to normal. Afterwards, the JLA turn Kraad over to the now liberated Sfarlians to imprison on their home world.



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