"Attack of the Star-Bolt Warrior!": Superman, the Flash, Batman, Atom, and Hawkman are all out on various solo activities when suddenly they lose some of their

Quote1.png I understand you Justice League members work with the authorities to see justice done. I, too, am concerned with justice-- But my personal brand of justice! I suppose because of my many brain storms-- My brain may have become warped... But warped or not-- I have vowed personal vengeance on my brother's killer! Quote2.png
Brain Storm

Justice League of America #32 is an issue of the series Justice League of America (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1964.

Appearing in "Attack of the Star-Bolt Warrior!"

Featured Characters:


  • Brain Storm (First appearance) (Flashback and main story)

Other Characters:

  • "Fireball" Jackson (Single appearance)
  • Gloria Kaye (Single appearance)
  • Four unnamed other power recipients (Single appearance)
  • Fred Storm (First appearance) (Flashback and main story)
  • Ivy Town Police Department
  • Robin (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "Attack of the Star-Bolt Warrior!"

Superman, the Flash, Batman, Atom, and Hawkman are all out on various solo activities when suddenly they lose some of their super-powers and abilities. Amazingly these lost abilities are transferred to a baseball player (gets Atom's size changing), actress Gloria Kaye (gains increased mass from Hawkman), a husband (gains Flash's super speed but can't travel anywhere) a delivery boy (gains strength and weakens just like Superman), and a French juggler (Who loses his dexterity when Batman does.) Finding the whole experience strange, all the heroes in question learn that it was from some strange stellar energy.

Tracing it to its source, they meet a new super-powered being named Brain Storm. Brain Storm has created a special helmet that allows him to absorb stellar energy which allows him to create anything with his mind. Brain Storm witnesses his brother Fred's apparent death. With twisted ideals, Brain Storm captures the Justice League so that they may witness him taking justice into his own hands and killing the man responsible for his brother's demise.

However, there is a side effect to Brain Storm's power, in that whoever it's used on also can access the energy's abilities and the JLA members are suddenly mentally linked to the people who had gained their abilities. Transporting them to Brain Storm's base, their arrival frees the Justice League from their trap and they go after Brain Storm.

They battle a bunch of stellar-energy powered dangers, and track him down to realize who Brain Storm blames for his brother's death: Green Lantern. However, Green Lantern explains that due to Brain Storm's interference with Green Lantern's attempt to capture Fred, who just robbed a bank, the combination of both their powers transported Fred to France and wiped out his memories.

Bringing Fred to them and restoring his memory, the Justice League convince Brain Storm to end his vendetta against Green Lantern. However, Brain Storm realizes that escape is the best course of action and teleports away without a trace, leaving the JLA to turn his brother over to the police.



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