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"World's Most Dangerous, Chapter One": Five years ago in London, Professor Ivo was recruited into a Secret Society of Super-Villains as a response to the Justice League.

Quote1 I wait for a streak of lightning or a bird to fly by. I wait for some kind of divine intervention to point the way. But there's nothing. So I do what I did the last time. I tell God to go screw himself. I'll find my own way home. Quote2
Dark Hunter

Justice League of America (Volume 3) #1 is an issue of the series Justice League of America (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 2013. It was published on February 20, 2013.

Synopsis for "World's Most Dangerous, Chapter One"

Five years ago in London, Professor Ivo was recruited into a Secret Society of Super-Villains as a response to the Justice League.

After years with the Justice League, Steve Trevor has been replaced as their liaison with A.R.G.U.S. - despite the fact that he started that organization. He is being replaced in part because of his attachment to Wonder Woman causing friction. His replacement is Amanda Waller, whose methods he doesn't entirely approve of.

It is her plan to start another Justice League, a Justice League of America, that will serve their country's interests, rather than global interests at the arms length distance of a satellite in space. And though he doesn't believe that team could ever replace the real Justice League, Steve Trevor has been chosen to lead it. Initially he refuses, so Waller shows him an image recovered from the vacated Justice League International Headquarters; an image of Wonder Woman and Superman locked in a kiss. The two of them together is a potential threat that cannot be left unchecked, according to Waller's superiors. Precautions must be taken, and Steve is the one to take them, even if it means forming a new team under the Justice League's noses.

First on his list of recruits is Hawkman whose clashes with the authorities have been escalating. They can easily convince him to join by offering him a pardon and diplomatic immunity, thanks to the cover story - true or not - that he is technically an alien police officer from Thanagar, and not subject to the laws of earth. Meanwhile, Hawkman himself is meting out justice by tracking down people he believes are escaped Thanagarian criminals, and killing them.

Katana is second on the list, and Steve has little faith in his ability to train and organize her or Hawkman, as they are both killers. To wit, Katana has been tracking and killing the men who killed her husband, Maseo Yamashiro, years ago. Yamashiro was considered one of the world's deadliest assassins - now his wife is. Waller believes that they can convince her to join the team by offering her information on her husband's murderers.

Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe, was caught in the event horizon of a Parademon's Boom Tube during Darkseid's invasion, five years ago. His brother died pulling him free, but Cisco survived, though he has remained out of sync with the rest of the world ever since. Though only 18 - and a little small-time - he has been chosen by Waller because of his potential. Though his powers are relatively weak, with training, he could become very important.

Stargirl is very popular with the public. Her persona and her image have garnered a massive fanbase and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In less than a year, her hundreds of rescues and saves have gained the people's trust and love. Meanwhile, her Cosmic Staff is one of the most powerful weapons on the planet. The only problem with her is that she may be susceptible to the same insanity that affected her staff's previous owner. She will likely join the team because Waller's people know who her father is - her real father.

Other team members Waller has selected include the Martian Manhunter, whom Steve does not trust; the new Green Lantern Simon Baz; and Green Arrow, whom Steve is sure cannot meet the needs of the position he's been chosen for. Steve believes that the team needs one more person to round the team out - Catwoman.

Catwoman is not eager to speak to Steve, as she already knows who he is. Smirking, she beats him to the ground, but Steve piques her interest by claiming that he can help her find the woman who stole her identity. Catwoman is not aware of anyone having stolen her identity, but Steve reminds her of the unexplained attacks that nearly killed her. Those men were looking for the imposter. Steve knows that woman's real name.

With Catwoman having agreed to join, Waller expresses some consternation at the choice. Steve promises to keep her off the radar, explaining that she will help the team because she knows Batman the same way he knows Wonder Woman - and that's important, because this team needs to be able to take down the Justice League itself. Called away to look into the recruitment of the new Green Lantern, Waller warns Steve to seek out the Martian Manhunter, because their team is going to go public tomorrow. With the Justice League's perception skewed by Atlantis' assault, now is the perfect time.

Of course, as soon as Waller leaves, the Martian Manhunter appears, having been listening the whole time. He agrees to join the team, offering his help in corralling these personalities into a team. However, the Martian warns that he knows Steve's real reason for accepting the assignment, and adds that if Waller or any of her people try to move against him, he will erase their minds and the minds of everyone in the building.

Steve is suddenly called away to the infirmary where one of his agents has finally been found after being lost and pursued by enemies in the Kielder Forest for days. The man is dying, and when he removes his mask, it is revealed that he is in fact the Green Arrow. Before dying, he manages to explain that there is an evil group called the Secret Society. Before he can tell Steve who is leading them, he flatlines.

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  • This issue was released with 52 variant covers, one for each state (plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico):
    • The cover is also a homage to the famous Battle of Iwo Jima


  • Amanda Waller says that Vibe is only eighteen at the time of him joining the new Justice League.
  • Courtney Whitmore mentions Pat Dugan by name as either her uncle or adoptive father and makes allusions to Sylvester Pemberton.
  • Simon Baz is part of the new Justice League team but he never appears in this issue.

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