"Power and Glory, Part Four": At the Star Labs Assembly Plant, Superman has given Cyborg and his father Silas Stone, some of his blood. Superman intends to discover if there is anything unusual about it.

Quote1.png It would have been so much easier if you'd believed. Quote2.png

Justice League of America (Volume 4) #4 is an issue of the series Justice League of America (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2015. It was published on October 14, 2015.

Synopsis for "Power and Glory, Part Four"

At the Star Labs Assembly Plant, Superman has given Cyborg and his father Silas Stone, some of his blood. Superman intends to discover if there is anything unusual about it.

In New York city, Rao is flying above his followers proclaiming that they are now his new followers and must spread his teachings. He tells them that they must use every means possible to show them the way. Rao has more or less eliminated fear, hunger and poverty, even convincing the United Nations to open their borders to Rao and his prophets.

At the Gotham City General Hospital, a doctor discovers Batman is using an MRI on a former petty criminal. Using the new converted felon, Batman intends to learn what happens when they are blessed. 250,000 years ago on Krypton, Green Lantern is asked by soldiers to come to the city of Kandor to meet with their god Rao. There, a much older looking Rao asks the Green Lantern for help in their Civil War. At first Green Lantern is reluctant, but is later convinced by the sincerity and honesty Rao portrays.

Back in Gotham city, a couple that have been blessed by Rao forcefully drag their daughter to one of Rao's prophets. She forcefully resists, but when the prophet blesses her against her will, her personality and feelings have been manipulated to only feel love. Aquaman seeing the events unfold on TV, Arthur ponders if he had made the right choice by leaving a prophet in Atlantis. Upon asking his Fortress of Solitude for information on Rao and what his real purpose is on Earth, Rao somehow discovers this. Cyborg and Silas Stone report back to Superman and compare notes with Batman. Cyborg notes that there are odd and unnatural protein markers in Superman's DNA, matching the ones on the petty criminal Batman is testing. Superman learns that whatever was in his DNA happened a long time ago as if his whole planet had been bred into it. Suddenly, a prophet of Rao smashes through the glass at the hospital.

Back on Krypton, Green Lantern follows Rao as he uses what appears to be the Stones of Forever. Prophets stand around the circle and give an electric like energy to Rao which make him much younger. Green Lantern learns that these people give a little bit of their lives to Rao so that he may live longer.

In Gotham, Batman is attacked by a prophet of Rao. The doctor there is startled by the petty criminal who is now conscious. She uses a defibrillator on him, which appear to put him out of his "blessed" state. Batman and the doctor retreat, Batman taking the prophet's staff.

Back at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman is confronted by Rao and a large number of prophets with Rao saying, "It would have been so much easier if you'd just believed."

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  • The past Rao referring to the previous Green Lantern who visited Krypton and "had a beak" is a reference to the Xudarian Green Lantern Tomar-Re, who served in Sector 2813 in which Krypton was located.

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