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The Justice League of Earth was a group of super-powered humans living on 31st Century Earth.


They all auditioned for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but were rejected due to their powers to be ineffective in battle. Over time their powers mutated turning them all into considerable threats. These individuals fell under the sway of Earth Man and his xenophobic ideals that Superman was a native of Earth who worked hard to protect the planet from alien threats; in which purportedly one of Superman's greatest achievements is protecting the planet from the dreaded Martian Manhunter.

The JLE spread their ideals of distrust and hatred against aliens across Earth and were successful to convinced the planet's inhabitants into believing them, resulting the planet to fall under the dictatorship of Earth Man, seceding from the United Planets, and a massive persecution of aliens among Earth's people. The Legion of Super-Heroes were also branded as fugitives for perpetuating the "lies" of Superman's true origins in which the JLE was tasked into hunting them down. The JLE captured many Legion members and allowing them to have their powers absorbed by Earth-Man, and used the Legionnaire Sun Boy to turn many of the suns in the galaxy red. The remaining Legion members resorted to summoning Superman to their time for his help, and stormed the JLE's satellite headquarters where they recovered information containing the false claims regarding Superman's origins, which they exposed to the people of Earth that they had been lied to, and freeing Sun Boy. The Justice League of Earth were defeated and imprisoned on the prison planet Takron-Galtos.

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