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The Justice Lords were an authoritarian multiversal counterpart of the Justice League.


In an alternate universe, following Lex Luthor's election as President of the United States of America, the death of the Flash at his hands, and Superman's killing of Luthor to prevent a nuclear war, the Justice Lords began a program of "protecting humanity from itself" and began wearing more militant and intimidating costumes. After two years, they had effectively taken over the entire Earth.

On the Justice Lords' version of Earth, basic human rights and liberties such as freedom of speech were abolished, presidential elections were ceased until further notice, notable citizens such as Lois Lane were placed under long-term house arrest, and even committing incredibly petty crimes like refusing to pay a restaurant bill results in immediate detainment. Everyday order was kept by robotic replicas of Superman. The inmates of Arkham Asylum , as well as most supervillains in this reality, were brainwashed and lobotomized, as noted by two tiny holes on their foreheads.

When the Justice Lords learned of another universe, they attempted to force their brand of order on that world. They were defeated by the Justice League with the help of Lex Luthor, who neutralized their abilities with his Power Disruptor, as well as the Lords' own Batman.

Despite this victory, the concern the Justice League had that they themselves could slide into the same kind of corrupting excesses remained a bothersome one. To prevent such an occurrence, the team took pains to recruit the politically active Green Arrow when the League expanded after the Thanagarian invasion. The team hoped he could be a populist voice who act as their political conscience, and he did not disappoint considering that he was instrumental in preventing a dangerous overreaction by the League during the Cadmus affair.

Years later, Brainiac and Lex Luthor called robot constructs of the Justice Lords into being to battle their counterparts, with a previously-unseen Flash among them. The constructs were eventually destroyed in the ensuing battle.

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  • The costumes and appearances of the Justice Lords members differ in the following respects:
    • Superman wears a black bodysuit with a white cape attached to his white-on-red S-shield
    • Batman's bodysuit is mainly black; he wears a slightly lighter-shaded cape and mask, and has a large silver bat symbol on his chest.
    • Wonder Woman wears a full-bodied suit with no sleeves and no tiara on her head; her hair is cut short.
    • Green Lantern wears a short-sleeved shirt with his uniform and his head is bald.
    • Hawkgirl's costume has a hawk cutout across her chest and her hawk headdress is flatter.
    • Martian Manhunter wears a full-bodied suit.


  • The Justice Lords were modeled after the Crime Syndicate, which the Justice League production team intended to use for an episode on the show, and later for a DCAU-related direct-to-video feature. Instead, the Crime Syndicate were put into the unrelated DC Universe animated feature Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths. However, commentary on the episodes reveals they have more in common with the Authority due to their goals and methods.

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