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The Justice Society International was the premiere superhero team in an altered timeline.


New Earth's history was altered when a spell to replace Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as the Trinity of Earth was corrupted.

In the revised history, the Justice Society of America didn't retire due to the McCarthy hearings but instead revealed their identities. Using their records, connections, and fame to inspire people creating a host of volunteers eventually becoming a National Service Phenomenon. Eventually they changed their name to Justice Society International.

However, going public with their identities resulted in some of the heroes that would have become the Justice League not being accepted. In fact, the very concept of superhero didn't exist, with the public going from mystery men to metahuman.

Justice Society International would seek out and capture independent metahumans, sometimes using giant Amazo robots to do it. Green Lanterns couldn't even operate on Earth without going through channels.

Because the world was trying to rebalance itself while those that cast the spell continued to try and replace the Trinity historical events shifted. Eventually the forces that cast the corrupted spell formed a Dark Arcana to complete their alteration of the world and then Justice Society International became part of the Justice Arcana created to fight the Dark Arcana.[1]

The now deified Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman returned and restored the world and its history.


Equipment: Giant Amazo robots


  • Tomorrow Woman and Triumph were alive in this altered history, likely due to reality trying to fill the void left by Trinity's absence.


  • The giant Amazo robots may be a homage to Marvel's Sentinels.

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