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The Justice Society of America were the premier superhero team of the 1940's.


By 1951, the JSA and other masked heroes became publicly victimized by the House of Un-American Activities during the Red Scare, as the American public began to disapprove of vigilantism on the belief that masked vigilantes were breaking federal laws and are unsanctioned by the American government to be considered untrustworthy.

On September 14, the Justice Society was forced to appear before a congressional hearing by the orders of the President and were ultimately demanded by Congress to unmask and reveal their identities. However, the JSA had come prepared with their own alternative, and they vanished before the hearing. On the following day, the Justice Society issued a statement in which they refused to recognize Congress' authority, but as patriotic Americans they refused to break Federal law. Henceforth they retired. Soon, dozens of other masked adventurers start following the Justice Society's example while other heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman registered themselves to the U.S. government.[1]

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