The Justice Society was a team of superheroes that were active in the 1940s before the creation of the Justice League.


The Justice Society of America was the world's first superhero organization and were prominent in the 1940s. Superman credited them with saving the world 17 times before most members of the Justice League even existed.[1] The group fought against the Nazis during World War II and recovered the Amulet of Apophis from Dirk Strasser (who stole it after shooting at Hawkman), after he used it to possess their member Johnny Thunder and make him attack the Allies. Johnny lost his life in the battle with the Justice Society, after which the Spectre decided to end the war by using the amulet to make Adolf Hitler kill himself. The Green Lantern Alan Scott later buried it in the Marianas Trench, so no human would get their hands on it.[2]

The only person Alan had told where the amulet was buried, was Doctor Mid-Nite. The Boy Commando Andre Chavard, whom Mid-Nite was treating, however heard what he had said and was forced to pass on this information to the Joker, after initially denying it to him due to his senseless violence.[2] Joker found the amulet and used it to infiltrate the JSA Headquarters by possessing Alan Scott, noting down names and addresses of all members of the team. When Sandman found Alan acting strange, Joker murdered him.[3] Alan however survived after falling from a great height, while Joker was disposing of Sandsman's corpse. Batman suspected Alan, but most other heroes refused to believe it. The Joker next tried killing the Amazing-Man, but failed.[4]

The Society was disbanded a year prior to the nuking of Metropolis, and Batman lamented that had the Society still existed, they might've been able to prevent the bloody war he had with Superman or stopped him from becoming a tyrant entirely.[1]


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