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The Justice Society of America cleaned up the streets, while trying their best to stay out of the public eye.[1]

The members grew extremely close.


Their Brownstone was considered a second home for the members. They'd even bring their spouses and kids to the Brownstone, to celebrate Thanksgiving.[1]

Despite their attempts to keep themselves secret, a government organization named Checkmate found out about their activities. Checkmate wanted the JSA to work for them, but the JSA refused. In retaliation, Checkmate uncovered the identities of the JSA members and framed them for crimes. As a result, the members of the JSA were arrested and institutionalized.[1]

Forcing them out of the skies and out from the streets. Some members were even ripped away from their families, to protect their loved ones.[1]

Eventually, the arrested JSA members were released, as the faked charges didn't hold up. However, many of them had already had their lives ruined. As a result, the JSA disbanded and the members retired from crime fighting.[1]

In 2010, Hawkman decided to reform the JSA. He felt that the coming generation of heroes could stand to learn from those that came before.[1] However, he never completed this task, prior to his death, less than a year later.[2] The JSA was eventually reformed and made their first public appearance in 2017.[3]


  • According to a 2017 Daily Planet article, the JSA had been active until some point in the 1990's.[3]

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