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"The Kingdom": On the Khandaq border, Gog has stopped. People have been following him for five days straight, and he asks that his people rest on the sixth day. Citizen Steel wants to keep walking, but Gog cannot hear him. Gog asks his followers

Quote1.png You're still just a damaged kid hiding behind a mask. But this time, the mask is your brand new face. Quote2.png

Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom #1 is an issue of the series Kingdom Come Special (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2009.

Synopsis for "The Kingdom"

On the Khandaq border, Gog has stopped. People have been following him for five days straight, and he asks that his people rest on the sixth day. Citizen Steel wants to keep walking, but Gog cannot hear him. Gog asks his followers to either stay with him for the night, praying and fasting, or to leave for the night to spread the news of Gog's good deeds. Damage and Citizen Steel both opt to leave. However, Wildcat is worried that there will be a fight with the Justice Society.

On the other side of the world, Sandman is running on rainswept roofs. Two days ago, three little boys were kidnapped by a gunman. The bodies of two have shown up since then; the third, a seven-year-old named Jacob, is still alive. Ordinarily, he would rely on his precognitive dreams to lead him - but now, with Gog's "gift", those are gone. Faced with the knowledge that he can't find Jacob before he's killed, Sand is wracked with guilt... which suddenly become a sense that something is wrong...

In New York, Damage is giving a press conference about Gog. At the brownstone, Stargirl is watching it with her teammates. When Damage makes a comment about "looking good from all angles", Stargirl decides that something must be done, and leaves to talk to someone.

In Portsmouth, Doctor Mid-Nite has discovered the downside of regaining his normal vision - ha cannot see in more rarefied spectra. He is making plans to reactivate their MRI and CT scanners, when the clinic is mobbed by a crowd of crippled and terminally-ill patients. They have heard of Mid-Nite's "luck", and they want him to take him to Gog.

In Columbus, Ohio, Citizen Steel is meeting his nieces and nephews at their school. To himself, he admits that he isn't doing this for Gog - he's doing this in the hopes of having his powers taken away.

In Metropolis, Starman (under the alias "Danny Blaine") is applying for a job at an unemployment office. While the clerk questions why he asked for such a "creepy" job, Starman remembers talking with Mister Terrific recently about his purpose in this time period, and that the Justice Society cannot be a part of it. The clerk hands him his docket, breaking his reverie: the day after tomorrow, he begins work at a graveyard for the Metropolis County.

Back in New York, Damage has started giving autographs, when he is accosted by Stargirl. When he tries to turn this into a plug for Gog, she grabs him and flies him over Central Park. He thinks she's coming on to him, but she drops him in the lake and tells him off for using the good name of JSA while abandoning them for Gog. In a rage, Damage tries to blast her aside, but he is knocked out by the person she left to "talk to" - Atom Smasher.

Over Washington, Superman-22 is talking to Wonder Woman. He is afraid that recent events - the birth of Gog, the division of the Justice Society, and the fact that Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord - are heralding the events he escaped on his world. Wonder Woman responds that she has always done what she had to, and she hopes that Superman never has to deal with something like that.

Damage comes to. He is in Al Pratt's house in Civic City. Atom Smasher believes that the original Atom can teach Damage what he needs - but since he's dead, Atom Smasher will do his best. He tells Damage how he abandoned the JSA for Black Adam's "pragmatic" approach out of his own rage, and asks Damage not to "make that mistake". Damage points out that Gog is helping people, and Atom Smaher compares how they have turned out - Power Girl exiled, Doctor Mid-Nite and Sandman robbed of their special abilities - to a a monkey's paw. When Damage points out that he survived unscathed, Atom Smasher smashes a nearby mirror, calling him vain. In anger, Damage destroys a table, and accuses Atom Smasher of being a pretender to the Atom's mask. When Atom Smasher tries to talk him down by telling him about the Atom, Damage destroys the house, saying "That's what I think of my father".

In anger, Atom Smasher fights Damage, but Damage is saved by the Justice Society. They want him to come back to them, but Magog arrives to take Damage back to Gog.

Deep underground, Sandman is following up on his recent migraine by checking the planet. As Africa is reborn under Gog's feet, the ice caps are freezing and tectonic plates are aching - and the planet is screaming to him. Sandman goes to Mister Terrific, telling him that the planet will die after Gog has walked for seven days - in other words, sometime today.

As dawn breaks over the Khandaqi border, Gog's followers have been met by Northwind and his Feitherans, who bring them a large pile of fruit. Gog decrees that, on this seventh day, his followers must kneel before him in worship...

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  • The name of the doctor that had been attending Starman at Sunshine Sanitarium is revealed to be Doctor Messer.
  • Starman uses the alias of Danny Blaine when he applies to a job as gravedigger.

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