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""Thy Kingdom Come (Part V): Gog"": At the JSA's headquarters, Power Girl gives the sample of volcanic dirt the Earth-22 Superman brought back from the battle between William Matthews and Hercules for analysis to determine Matthews' base of operations or at least his latest locale. At JSA Sandy

Quote1.png Within that temple I discovered the remains of a lone, lost god. The only surviving god from a place long dead called the Third World. I took his staff of power and his name. I became Gog. Quote2.png
William Matthews

Justice Society of America (Volume 3) #14 is an issue of the series Justice Society of America (Volume 3) with a cover date of May, 2008.

Synopsis for "Thy Kingdom Come (Part V): Gog"

At the JSA's headquarters, Power Girl gives the sample of volcanic dirt the Earth-22 Superman brought back from the battle between William Matthews and Hercules for analysis to determine Matthews' base of operations or at least his latest locale. At JSA Sandy is recounting how he is unable to sleep well as when he dreams he connects to the minds of murderers and psychopaths and therefore tries to remain awake as long as possible to avoid such mental images. Kara-L interrupts him to give the vial of volcanic ash so he can identify it. Sandy doesn't share his disturbing dreams to her but takes the vial and agrees to help. Kara-L then heads downstairs to the main hall where all -- inclusive of all actual and unofficial members -- of the current roster of the JSA are planning out their assault of Gog II.

The Earth-22 Superman recounts how important it is to stop Matthews before his actions either directly or through a successor as on his own Earth lead to the murderous superpowered war on his source Earth that led to its destruction. All of the assembled basically agree that Williams as Gog II must be stopped even if just to stop his "Heartbreak murder" spree of the gods and god named people. While the JSA are arguing who is to lead the attack and who is to remain behind in case the first wave does not succeed, Lightning is accidentally contacted by one of Mr. Terrific's T spheres which causes all the electronics in the headquarters to deactivate. With the electronic defenses down, Matthews materializes into the mansion on top of the very table all the heroes are assembled with Sandman impaled through his chest on Gog II's staff.

Startled by Gog II's sudden appearance, Gog II launches into a direct assault on the heroes assembled there. The heroes quickly attack despite their astonishment with Jay Garrick commenting "You saved us the trouble of coming to you, son. We'll thank you for that." as he, the Earth-22 Superman, Alan Scott and Kara-L all try to subdue Williams. Upon recognizing the Earth-22 Superman as the one who was unable to save Kansas on Earth-22, Williams' attack on the JSA members increases in its intensity to the point that he overwhelms all of the team.

Stunned by the sheer intensity of the attack, the assembled heroes are all thrown through the wall and into the street where the fight continues endangering innocents. Wildcat and Jesse are almost killed by a bus bearing down on them. Citizen Steel takes the impact himself, though injuring the bus driver by the harsh impact. Gog II withstands Hawkman's mace attack full onto his face. Gog II blasts Hawkman away with his own staff. Realizing his power attacks are by his staff, Kara-L wrests the staff away from Gog II though is hurt by him.

Amazing-Man takes advantage of the staff while Gog II continues his direct assault on the Earth-22 Superman. Not letting up on the Earth-22 Superman, Gog II prevents him from recovering his strength though this time allows Amazing Man to adapt the properties of the staff into himself. Amazing Man attacks and is able to hurt Gog II producing blood by his attack. But Amazing Man is not able to defeat Gog II.

Superman and Amazing are both knocked unconscious by Williams' continued attack. Gog II hold them both up by their necks preparing to kill them. Given a chance to rearm, Scott and Obsidian recharge and adopt more aggressive costuming and armor to prepare for the next round against Gog in costuming closer to their Kingdom Come incarnations.

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  • Includes DC Nation editorial #103 by Dan DiDio featuring
  • Unlike the Kingdom Come reality where that reality's Gog's advocate renamed himself "Magog", the New Earth Matthews has directly taken the same name of his god.
  • The Earth-22 Superman states that on Earth-22 there was no Justice Society at all though the individual members are suggested to have existed as he recognized their counterparts on New Earth at his arrival in issue 10. The absence of the Justice Society on Earth-22 is another major difference of Earth-22 from the original Kingdom Come reality where the Justice Society did exist, though some of its members had been retired for several years like the Alan Scott of the Kingdom Come reality.


  • All currently active and affiliate (reserve) members, as well as potential members who have not yet officially joined, of the current roster of the JSA are present in this issue.
  • It is officially stated that David Reid is an actual member of the current JSA team and has left the Marines, though it has not been stated if he was officially transferred to the JSA as part of his service in the US military.

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