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"One World Under Gog, Part VII: Thy Will Be Done": As Gog turns on his erstwhile followers, taking all the 'gifts' he has given, Superman thinks of how he has failed. However, the Justice Society leaps into action, catching Gog with a set of chains

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Justice Society of America (Volume 3) #22 is an issue of the series Justice Society of America (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2009. It was published on December 31, 2008.

Synopsis for "One World Under Gog, Part VII: Thy Will Be Done"

As Gog turns on his erstwhile followers, taking all the 'gifts' he has given, Superman thinks of how he has failed. However, the Justice Society leaps into action, catching Gog with a set of chains. As Gog makes a set of philosophical arguments for his rule of the Earth, an enraged Damage - his face once again scarred - hits Gog with an explosion equivalent to a nuclear device. Gog is unfazed, and hits Damage back, telling him that he and his teammates are "insignificant". This is enough for Citizen Steel, who has followed him for a week in the hope of being granting a boon, to tear off his protective metal suit and use his full strength against Gog. In two hits, he manages to knock Gog over. The fall knocks rocks into the air, which almost kill the two Wildcats, but they are saved by Cyclone. Magog tears Gog's head off, and Superman arrives to carry it away. Starman creates a 'stargate', and the two heroes fly through it with the giant head (which is still alive).

On the other side, Superman reveals their destination: the Source Wall, where all the other gods of the Third World now rest. Superman forcibly adds Gog's head to the wall, trapping him. Just before he is absorbed, Gog notes similarities between his actions and Superman - Superman has abandoned his Earth in favour of New Earth. Superman says nothing, but in the end, he agrees, and asks Starman to send him back to his Earth. Using his costume, Starman sends him on his way...

Superman wakes up on a battlefield. The United Nation's nuclear strike went ahead, and his cousin - and apparently all the other heroes of Earth-22 - are dead. Enraged, Superman flies to the United Nations building, welds the doors shut and tries to bring the building down on the delegates, but he is stopped by Norman McCay, who tells him that his greatest power is that he is a good man... and if he kills the delegates, he will stop being human and be only a superhuman. This is enough for Superman to hesitate, and the arrival of some heroes who survived the bomb strike is enough to make him stop.

Back on New Earth, all of Gog's effects have been reversed... except for David Reid, who still has the powers of Magog. The renegade members of the Justice Society are unrepentant of their actions. Damage is avoiding everyone now that his face is scarred, but Judomaster kisses him, proving the truth of her feelings for him. Starman returns - alone - causing Stargirl to ask where Superman is. Starman responds that Superman went home. Apparently, Superman has "quite a life" ahead of him...

The view shifts to Earth-22, one year into the future. Superman has completed a memorial, dedicated to all the people who died in Kansas and all the superheroes who died in the nuclear strike. Wonder Woman arrives, to give him a gift that she says will help him "see more clearly"... a set of glasses, in the round-lens style worn by Clark Kent. He puts them on, and kisses her. The story jumps forward - ten years into the future, he is enjoying family life with his wife four children and best friend; 20 years in the future, he is attending Bruce Wayne's funeral, along with most of Earth's heroes and thousands of mourners; 100 years in the future, he and his wife are saying goodbye to their son as he leaves Earth protecting a fleet of spaceships; 200 years in the future, he is there after civilization has collapsed; 500 years in the future, he is helping civilization rebuild. The years add up, but he never stops...

1000 years in the future, a legion of super-heroes fly over a crowd. The citizens of this world - and one old man with round-lens glasses - look up into the sky.

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