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"The Lightning Saga, Part Two of Five: Dreams and Fire": In Gotham City, the Gotham City Police Department has managed to remove all the civilians from Arkham Asylum, as Batman, Geo-Force, Sandman, and Starman arrive. Commission Gordon explai

Quote1.png Oh, this hospital isn't as nice as mine. Not at all. I wonder what they have for lunch on Wednesdays? Quote2.png

Justice Society of America (Volume 3) #5 is an issue of the series Justice Society of America (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Lightning Saga, Part Two of Five: Dreams and Fire"

In Gotham City, the Gotham City Police Department has managed to remove all the civilians from Arkham Asylum, as Batman, Geo-Force, Sandman, and Starman arrive. Commission Gordon explains that everyone started experiencing their worst fears without warning, and they're thinking that Scarecrow must have released some fear gas. Batman points out that the fears seem to have become real, at least temporarily. Starman babbles that his lover, Dream Girl, is in their, with a doctor with no face. Batman realizes that he's talking about Doctor Destiny, who must have gained access to another Dreamstone. Starman explains that it's Dream Girl, as she can see into the future through her access to the Dreaming, similar to Sandman. Geo-Force comments that he just realized he has both Sandman and Starman's powers combined, but Sandman says that he smells like mud. Batman intends to sneak into Arkham using an escape route the Joker used last week, but Starman simply goes in through the front door.

Inside, Sandman hears almost inaudible scratching on the doors, and Geo-Force says that they's about to be hit with their worst nightmares. Batman, however, points out that Doctor Destiny has access to nightmares far worse than their own, such as Two-Face and Mad Hatter, and they're all the same - Batman himself.

As the heroes battle the Batmen, Starman breaks into the cell where Doctor Destiny contains the catatonic Dream Girl. He orders Destiny to release Nura, or he'll increase his brain's weight and cause to collapse through his body. Destiny, however, is not scared: he knows all too well about Starman and Dream Girl's history, and that they share the same nightmare - Kenz Nuhor, Dream Girl's old lover, who Starman was forced to kill in self-defense. The Nuhor illusion begins attacking Starman, who begs Destiny to release Dream Girl for him. Just then, Starman remembers the failsafe word, and says "Lightning Lad" in Interlac, restoring Dream Girl's memories and waking her up, severing Destiny's access to the Dreaming. Dream Girl throws Destiny against the wall and knocks him out, saying that he will die in his sleep, tortured by Dream. Dream Girl and Starman embraced, but she begins crying, saying that she had a vision that one of them would die.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Superman leads Stargirl, Cyclone, and Red Tornado through the Fortress. Stargirl had expected Cyclone to be asking Superman questions, but she's been staring at Red Tornado the whole time. At Stargirl's urging, Cyclone and Reddy begin talking about her kidnapping by T.O. Morrow and the recent Grundy incident. Superman retrieves his old Flight Ring from its casing, and Reddy says that the other ring is still in the Fortress. Superman explains that as a child, he had to conceal his powers, unless someone found out. The Legion were the only people from his childhood who had powers, when Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad traveled through time to welcome young Clark Kent into the Legion. Over the years, Superman would encounter them several more times, but hasn't seen them since the First Crisis. Red Tornado then announces that the other ring is in the room, and Cyclone notices that there are two statues of the Legionnaire named Wildfire. Saying "Lightning Lad" in Interlac causes Wildfire to reactivate, as he had been immobilized the whole time. Suddenly, he ejects a Utility Belt from him.

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  • Story continues in Justice League of America Vol 2 #9
  • This issue shipped with a retailer incentive cover illustrated by Phil Jimenez and Rod Reis.
  • This issue alters Superman's known Post-Crisis history. It is established at the end of this issue that Superman spent a portion of his youth in the 30th century where he met the Legion of Super-Heroes. This intimates that Superman was active as Superboy. In the original Post-Crisis continuity, Clark Kent never adopted a Superboy persona and did not meet the Legion of Super-Heroes until well into adulthood.


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