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Membership History

Baron Blitzkrieg

Main article: Baron Blitzkrieg

Baroness Blitzkrieg

Main article: Baroness Blitzkrieg

Black Adam

Main article: Black Adam

Black Dragon Society

Main article: Black Dragon Society


Main article: Brainwave

Captain Erdner

Captain Erdner was a Nazi soldier who piloted a German Flying Fortress during World War II. He was one of the few Nazi officers to make a direct attack against the United States.[1]

Captain Nazi


Dagger Dan Donelli

Dagger Dan Donelli was a thief and murderer during the 1940s. In April of 1941, he became involved in a Bund organization known as the Grey-Shirts. The Flash apprehended him when he broke up the organization.[1]

Fourth Reich

Main article: Fourth Reich

Fritz Klaver

Fritz Klaver was the leader of a Fifth Columnist organization who sought to destroy America during the early years of World War II.[1]


Main article: Gog

Gundra the Valkyrie

Main article: Gudra

Injustice Society

Main article: Injustice Society

Johnny Sorrow

Main article: Johnny Sorrow

Master Summoner

Main article: Master Summoner

Joe McZino

Joe McZino was a gunman with a long police record. In 1941, he became involved in a Bund organization known as the Grey-Shirts. The Flash apprehended him when he broke up the organization.[1]

Mister X

During the thirties and the forties Mister X controlled much of the organized crime in the United States, after the formation of the Justice Society of America his organization was hit again and again by its members. As the brain of the organization Mister X, whose identity was unknown even to his fellow rackets, planned a counter attack aimed to finish once and for all with the Justice Society, all his rackets failed to do so and so Mister X quitted his crime career and gave himself up.[2]


Main article: Mordru

Oom the Mighty

Main article: Oom the Mighty

Per Degaton

Main article: Per Degaton

Professor Elba

Professor Elba was a mad scientist who developed an insanity formula that convinced people that they were actually savage animals. Doctor Mid-Nite helped to bring Elba to justice in his first documented case as a member of the Justice Society.[3]


Main article: Pyro


Main article: Ramulus


Main article: Reichsmark

Secret Society of Super-Villains


Solomon Grundy

Main article: Solomon Grundy


Main article: Ubermensch



Vandal Savage

Main article: Vandal Savage


Main article: Wizard


Main article: Zyklon

Minor Villains

Villain Activity

As the world's longest established superhero team, the Justice Society of America has encountered countless villains on countless occasions over the years, both singly and in groups such as the Injustice Society and the Secret Society of Super-Villains. These are just some of them.

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