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Earth 32 is not a world of opposite reactions, as so many are, but instead one of unique amalgams. Here, super hero powers and histories have collided and transformed to create a different and powerful force known as the Justice Titans.


Bruce Wayne is not only Batman, but he has been chosen by the Lantern Corps as Earth 32's Green Lantern. This brave Bat-Lantern uses his detective skills and his power ring to instill fear in the hearts of villains. He fights evil alongside his Justice Titans teammates, each of whom represents a combination of two familiar super heroes: Black Arrow is a fierce fighter and archer, Wonderhawk wields both a spiked mace and her faithful Golden Lasso, Aquaflash is the speedster of the sea, and Super-Martian possesses super strength and telepathic abilities.

This formidable roster means Earth 32 is protected by champions both like, and truly unlike any other.[2]


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