"Chapter Eleven": The Joker has detonated several bombs planted across the city under control of the Legion of Doom. Fires are spreading all over the place.

Quote1.png Fine, try to stop me. Or, of course, you could stop them from killing EACH OTHER! Quote2.png

Justice #11 is an issue of the series Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2007.

Synopsis for "Chapter Eleven"

The Joker has detonated several bombs planted across the city under control of the Legion of Doom. Fires are spreading all over the place.

In the Legion's headquarters, the battle between heroes and villains rages on. Parasite rips Metallo's Kryptonite from his chest and lunges at the member of the League that is protected by Lead and wears a S-shield, assuming he's Superman. He realizes it's a trap right before Captain Marvel pounds him and Bizarro. Iron and Tin cage Bizarro and Parasite while Hal faces up to Sinestro.

John Stewart unleashes the power of the Ring just then. He frees the young heroes from Brainiac's mind control, wipes Brainiac's nanotechs, puts out the fires and wipes the knowledge of the League's identities from the minds of the Legion.

Hal and Sinestro keep fighting far from everybody. Sinestro declares the Ring was given to him. Hal replies he doesn't care.

The League defeats the Legion and reunites with the Doom Patrol, the young heroes and their families. Yet it isn't over. Several members of the Legion ran away to their cities where thousands of persons remain captive. Brainiac made off with Aquaman and Mera's baby; and his nanotechnology has taken control of every weapon of mass destruction in the world and initiated the countdown sequence.

Before anything else, Zatanna takes the League, their allies and friends to the Fortress so the latter group is safe during the final battle. Batman, Martian Manhunter and the Atom stay behind. Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd are going to help out whether they like it or not.

Brainiac has teleported to Toyman's citadel, the Justice League, the Doom Patrol, the Metal Men and the younger heroes -Supergirl, Batgirl, the Teen Titans and the Marvel family- hot on his trail. However they have to go through several hundreds of Brainiac drones. As the heroes battle an army of androids, Zatanna warns Superman that both Brainiac and Aquaman's son have disappeared again; and there're children in that city. They also need to save them. Superman replies he'll take care of it. After all, it's his job.

Back in the Legion's trashed headquarters, Hal beats down Sinister.

On Toyman's citadel, the heroes have defeated the Brainiac's army, but now they have to deal with Scarecrow forcing hundreds of innocent people under his control to fight them. Hal comes along and cleanses the parasites infecting everyone, but Scarecrow's fear gas drives his hostages crazy with fear. The League may have to choose between stopping him or stopping his victims from killing each other.

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