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Quote1 I hear you, right thinkers! You're shouting anti-life-- the positive belief! Listen, as the great organ catches your words and finds the wonderful music in them! And what am I, Glorious Godfrey, but another poor instrument that vibrates to your message? And I say, come to me! And I shall give you the power to wield death! Yes, friends, though life is ever filled with those who threaten us, it is anti-life which gives us the power to eliminate them! The holocaust is coming! The day of Apokolips on Earth! The day of Darkseid, who brings this power for only us to use! Yes, it is his gift to us, friends! The cosmic hunting license! The right to point the finger or the gun! Who can stand against us, friends? Certainly not the others! They can be recognized for what they are! But not us, friends, not us! When we wear this helmet, we feel unified! Glorified! Justified! Step up, friends! Be superior! Be fierce! Be a Justifier! It's Darkseid's gift of anti-life-- It's the "happiness package"! Quote2
Glorious Godfreysrc

"Justifiers" are warriors sometimes used as militaristic forces in the legions of Apokolips, powered by nothing supposedly but the Anti-Life Equation itself.


They are pretty much entirely composed of normal brainwashed people, given Apokoliptian armor and weaponry. The brainwashing is usually accomplished by Glorious Godfrey. In their first appearance, the Justifiers were used to help Darkseid track down the Forever People. Later on, they were also known to have fought Sonny Sumo.

Human Flame Justifier 01

Michael Miller is turned into a Justifier.

They appear again as forces of Boss Dark Side (Darkseid's new alias) during the events of Final Crisis. Many have been seen operating under the guidance of Libra, along with the Secret Society of Super Villains. The Human Flame is one of those known to have become Justifiers, having had the helmet forced upon him by Libra. Black Lightning, Donna Troy, Gorilla Grodd, Green Arrow, Ice, Killer Croc, Silver Swan III, and Starfire have also been turned into Justifiers.[1] The updated Justifier helmets are a blend between Apokoliptian technology and the Mad Hatter's mind control devices. Having been forced to see one of his daughters fall prey to the Anti-Life Equation, Doctor Sivana deactivated all helmets, allowing Lex Luthor the chance to seemingly kill Libra.[2]


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