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Sir Justin's career as a hero began in the 6th Century when he rode to Camelot, hoping to become a Knight of the Round Table. On the way there, he happened to rescue an old man from peril. The old man turned out to be Merlin, the famed court magician to King Arthur, and in gratitude, the old wizard enchanted Sir Justin's equipment, enabling his sword to cut through almost any kind of matter, rendering his armor nearly impervious to any kind of damage, and bestowing wings upon his horse, Victory. With these advantages, Sir Justin easily gained a place at the Round Table and served quite well, up until he was sent northward to fight an ogre. During that ill-fated battle, both Justin and the ogre fell into an icy crevasse. Unable to escape, Sir Justin was frozen for over 1300 years.

In 1941, Sir Justin's frozen but still living body and steed were discovered by Professor Moresby, an archaeologist and historian employed by a museum in New York City. Finding difficulty adjusting to his circumstances, the knight became a vigilante, deciding that his vows to uphold justice and defend the innocent still applied even though the body to which he made those vows had long since dissolved.

Seeking to become part of something bigger, he joined the Law's Legionnaires, and later the All-Star Squadron. In the latter group, he met Dannette Reilly, then known as Firebrand. The two fell in love, but when war struck in England, Sir Justin felt it was his duty to protect his homeland, and travelled there to offer his services to the King, and was assigned to the personal guard of Winston Churchill. During the Blitz, Justin saved a young man named Percival Sheldrake, who pledged to become Justin's partner, calling himself the Squire.

Following the war, Justin was called back to Camelot by Merlin, but decided that the modern world need his services more, though he would make periodic trips back to Camelot to aid his fellow knights. On one such trip, he and the other knights were sent on a quest to retirieve the legendary Holy Grail to defend their kingdom against Morgan LeFay, but although they finally gained the grail after much tribulation, Camelot fell.

In 1948, Sir Justin joined the Seven Soldiers of Victory. In the aftermath of their battle with the Nebula Man, the seven were scattered throughout time, and Justin found himself in China serving Genghis Khan. He was shortly after returned to the present through the aid of the Justice League and the Justice Society.

The years after that were not so kind to Sir Justin. A villain called the Dragon King murdered his beloved Firebrand. His Squire Percival, having since taken on the moniker of the Knight and trained his son to become the second Squire, was murdered by Spring-Heeled Jack, while the son tarnished the legacy by becoming associated with the Ultramarine Corps. Sir Justin suffered amnesia for a time, but later got back on his feet with help from his friend Pat Dugan (previously Stripesy of the Seven Soldiers), who aided him in avenging Dannette's death.

When Sue Dibney, wife of Elongated Man, was horrifically murdered, an understandably sympathetic Sir Justin came out of retirement and went hunting for the culprit with Vixen, Captain Marvel, and Firestorm. During the course of a battle with Shadow Thief, the villain stole Justin's sword and stabbed Firestorm with it. The sword was destroyed by Firestorm's heat, and the doomed hero exploded shortly afterwards, surviving just long enough to fly out of range of any people or structures. Deeply anguished at his inadverdent role in Firestorm's death, Sir Justin has not been seen since that night.


Sir Justin possesses no superhuman abilities


Sir Justin is in excellent physical condition, and possesses above-average strength and agility. He is also skilled in the use of a sword and in horseback riding.


Sir Justin's armor was enchanted to be lightweight but impervious to almost any kind of damage. While wearing it, Justin is protected from freezing, burning, and possibly also electrocution and radiation.


Sir Justin rides upon his horse, Winged Victory, who, as the name suggests, is capable of flight.


Sir Justin's sword was enchanted so that it can cut through almost anything. It was not, however, indestructible; Shadow Thief destroyed the sword when he used it to stab through the nuclear-powered Firestorm.



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