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Justin Gaines was a telekinetic high schooler from Smallville, Kansas.

A once talented artist and contributor to the Smallville High school newspaper, the Torch. Justin Gaines was a victim of a hit and run accident. The accident, combined with the work of a terrible surgeon, cost him the use of his hands. However, Justin soon discovered that his body had developed the ability to move objects with his mind, as a form of compensation.[1]

Justin held a grudge against both the surgeon and the driver of the car. Before leaving the hospital, he used his powers to destroy the surgeon's hands. Once back in Smallville, Justin quickly entered a relationship with Chloe Sullivan and used her connections at the Torch to track down the owner of the car, that hit him. The car belonged to Principal Kwan, whom Justin assumed was the driver who hit him (in truth, it was Kwan's son who was the driver and had hit Justin) and confronted Kwan outside of his house. Angry, Justin used his telekinetic power to crush Kwan with his car.[1]

When Chloe found out what Justin had done, he turned on her and attempted to kill her with a chainsaw but was stopped by Clark Kent. Afterwards, Justin was admitted to a psychiatric ward by his parents.[1]




  • Unlike most other season one antagonists, with metahuman abilities, Justin's origin (which was never shown) contain no reference to Green Kryptonite. In "Extinction", Chloe and Lana Lang count him as a meteor freak.[2] However, Chloe and Lana tended to attribute all metahuman abilities to meteor infection.[3][4][5] Furthermore, in season two, the telepathy of Ryan James was revealed to be caused by a tumor affecting a part of the human brain, that could grant people ESP abilities.[6] This leaves the real cause of Justin's telekinetic ability unknown.
  • It is unknown if Justin was among the Belle Reve patients, who underwent Curtis Knox's treatment, which removed both abilities and memories.[7]



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