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K'rkzar was an alien philosopher that studied all the universe's known religions for the one spiritual truth. He even paid a visit to Mars, learning of their gods, such as H'ronmeer. K'rkzar then went into a long seclusion that lasted for centuries to process all the information he gathered from his quest. When his intended emergence to discuss his findings was announced, the leaders of almost every organized religion screamed for him to be dead or to have him for themselves.

The Martian Manhunter in that moment of time decided to seek out K'rkzar, in the hopes he might have information about other survivors from Mars. He instead found both he and Chaser Bron becoming K'rkzar's few defenders in the midst of a 'holy war' of sorts. As the Manhunter and his group consistently evaded the forces of bloodthirsty zealots, Paral decided to unleash The Prophet to once and for all kill them. Martian Manhunter battle the Prophet but the ship containing K'rkzar exploded in a collision with the vessel of the fundamentalist's aides. Before he died however, K'rkzar was able delivered his message of peace.



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