The K'un-lun Triad is an ancient criminal empire based in China that has lasted for more than 3000 years.


Its leader has the title of "August Personage of Jade" which is passed down. Deathstroke had killed one of these August Personages; that person's son, Wang, took over the position.[1]

The Triad had a shipment of weapons bound for the United States, stolen by the husband of Mayflower Kane (the niece of Adeline Kane). Because of that the Triad was looking for her and Deathstroke with his companions were looking for her, to protect her from the Triad and found her in Hong Kong. Her husband was being tortured for the information as to where the weapons were and upon learning that Deathstroke was on his way, the Triad hired Vigilante to prevent the rescue of the prisoner in exchange for weapons.[2]

While on a boat traveling up a river in China they came under the attack of the Triad and she was taken prisoner. When she found her husband in the Triad fortress, she murdered him because she wanted to climb the ranks of the Triad unlike her husband who wanted nothing to do with them and his last dying act was to shoot her. Deathstroke and the Vigilante fought each other without weapons, during which Deathstroke killed the August Personage of Jade. As they were outnumbered a thousand to one, Deathstroke and Vigilante took their companions and left. The new August Personage of Jade (Wang) confirmed that they recovered the stolen weapons and the Triad was ready to expand into the United States.[1]


  • Triad members in Hong Kong were dressed in modern clothing.[2] while those at their mountain fortress were dressed in traditional Chinese clothing from historical dynastic China and the "soldiers" wore Chinese opera masks.[1]

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