A Palestinian ferrokinetic, Iron Butterfly is the Shadow Cabinet's field commander.

Although her origins are uncertain (she's given conflicting accounts), it is known that her family was murdered and that she is seeking to avenge this. She is secretly in love with Dharma, the team's leader, which might explain why she didn't try to escape when he decided to imprison the entire team in their base.


  • Ferrokinesis: Able to psionically move and shape metal and metallic objects. She can apparently feel the details of composition of the metal.
    • Flight: Iron Butterfly can fly at speeds exceeding 250 mph.
    • Magnetic Blast: Iron Butterfly is capable of projecting powerful blasts of green energy.



  • Iron Butterfly wears a suit of plated armor that she can manipulate with her ferrokinesis.


  • Iron Butterfly wields a sword.



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