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Quote1.png The monster I showed you before----Lord Darkseid of Apokolips----comes to burn your worlds! All those you love will die! And your own souls will feed the fire! Quote2.png
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Kaiyo is a mysterious creature who was "born from chaos" that is affiliated to Apokolips.

One day, she was creating strife among the Parademons out of boredom, causing Darkseid to hunt her across the worlds she escaped through, worlds that he systematically destroyed because of their champion's might. She eventually started to test the heroes of a world targeted by Darkseid, wanting to find out at which lengths they will go to survive.[1]

Cross World

She came across that planet's most dangerous men and took them to a parallel world. There, she made them fight each other and even took possession of that Earth's Superman's wife[2] until that Earth's Wonder Woman found and removed her from Lois' control. She asked her what she wanted but Kaiyo said too little, giving only glimpses of the coming threat before taking over and hiding in the Amazon.

Kaiyo resurfaced again and this time she fully revealed the identity of the coming Darkseid, telling them they must choose between destroying or seizing the most powerful weapon in their universe to defend themselves from the Dark Lord.[3] As her "contest" was being executed she was clashing against Wonder Woman until the weapon was destroyed, leaving both worlds unable to survive the coming destruction. Kaiyo then ereased everyone's memories before sending them back were they belong, with she remaining in Earth disguised as a little boy.[4]

Second Chance

She returned five years later to once again test Earth's finest team, sending back to the same parallel Earth five years into the past to give them the chance to alter history and save that world. However, the once ruthless duo became soft with the years, and decided not to intervene with the fate of the alternate Earth. A disappointed Kaiyo once again erased their memories and this time she leaved them with a clean slate, deciding to make them start all over again back on their world.[5]

As she was watching the consequences of her actions, the Lord of Earth's Dark Realm came across and threatened to devour her, but she offered him the view of the chaos she provoked,[6] greatly entertaining the Demon King.[7] Ultimately, the heroes regained their memories and the game was over, but once Kaiyo tried to continue her way, Satanus decided to keep her prisoner so they can both end the game she started, condemning her to a world even darker than the one she knows.[8]


  • Teleportation: Kaiyo has the ability to bend the fabric of reality to teleport herself or whomever she chooses across long distances and even between universes.[2] [1]
  • Possession: Kaiyo can take over the body and mind of others, easily manipulating humans[2] and even Amazons[3] to her biding.
  • Illusion Casting: Kaiyo can create shadowy visions and even make this visions communicate with others.[3]
  • Memory Manipulation: Kaiyo can erase the memories of numerous beings simultaneously.[4] [5]
  • Time Travel: Kaiyo was capable of teleporting Earth 0's Superman and Batman 5 years ago into Earth 2.[5]


  • Magic: Kaiyo's abilities may manifest from magical origins. She is also able to alter someone else's density to the point of intangibility.[5]



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