The original body of the Kherubim android Spartan (Yohn Kohl) was revived by IO and made the new Kaizen Gamorra.

For the history of Yohn Kohl prior to Team One, see Yohn Kohl (Wildstorm Universe).

Team One

In the 1960s, the Daemonite lord Helspont wanted to start a nuclear war, leaving the planet empty for Daemonites to rule. Saul Baxter, a Kherubim, created Team One to stop him. Several members of the team were Kherubim, including Yohn Kohl (a.k.a John Colt) and Zealot (a.k.a. Lucy Blaize).[1] During this time, Colt and Blaize had a brief relationship and produced a child who grew up to become the Stormwatch operative Winter.[2][3]

The team fought Helspont for control of the nuclear missiles he was going to use to implement his plan. Severely outnumbered, Colt fought an entire legion of Daemonites on his own, but he couldn't hold them off, and they would prevent Regiment from disarming the warhead if they got by him. Desperate, Colt ordered his teammate Mr. Majestic to use laser vision to kill them. Majestic reluctantly did so, knowing that doing so would kill Colt as well. Even though the missile launched, Colt's sacrifice was not in vain as Regiment stopped the missile. Team One disbanded after the incident.[2]

Colt was not dead, however. Baxter extracted Colt’s soul and transferred it into an android body. Although his memories were repressed in this new form, Colt went on to become the superhero Spartan.[4]

Kaizen Gamorra

IO chief Miles Craven took custody of Colt’s original Kherubim body. It healed and regenerated, but, without his soul, this Colt was left without the capacity for compassion and conscience. Craven exploited his condition and sent him to overthrow the ruler of Gamorra Island, Kaizen Gamorra. Colt underwent extensive plastic surgery to disguise himself and assumed Kaizen Gamorra’s place and identity, all while keeping the real Gamorra in captivity.[4][5]

Fire from Heaven

Years later, when an alliance of heroes including Gen 13, Union, Wetworks, the WildC.A.T.s, and the former members of Team 7 invaded Gamorra Island, this ersatz Kaizen Gamorra revealed his true identity. He tried to kill Spartan, his other self, in battle, but Mr. Majestic incinerated him with heat vision. The conflict brought back Spartan’s memories of his past self, enabling him to embrace his identity as the one, true John Colt.[4]

Freed from captivity, the real Kaizen Gamorra reassumed rule of Gamorra Island.[6]


  • Kherubim Lord Physiology: John Colt, A.K.A. Yohn Kohl was a flesh and blood Kherubim High Lord before what was left of his consciousness was uploaded into Lord Emp's Spartan android in order to save his life.[4] His body, which went on to assume the identity of Kaizen Gamorra, retained his Kherubim abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: How powerful he was before dying a final time was uncertain, but John Colt could physically match his mechanical counterpart's strength blow for blow pretty easily. Even after the latter's numerous upgrades to its mechanical form over the years.[4]
    • Superhuman Durability: John Colt's original body was capable of surviving a blast from Majestic's heat vision (although this put him in critical condition) and take several blows from his mechanical counterpart.
    • Immortality: As with all Kherubim, John Colt is virtually immortal. Having spent several millennia on earth shaping the fables of human history in numerous identities.[7]
      • Accelerated Healing: Despite his fatal injuries at the hands of Majestros, Yohn Kohl's body possessed an impressive regenerative factor which preserved him long after he was presumed dead.[4] Eventually healing back to his original shape and form before I.O. had him undergo surgical modification to act as a figurehead on Gamorra Island.[5]



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